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This is where all lore articles are created, edited, noted on, and basically worked up. Feel free to comment, but please do so in the Lore Discussion forum, not here. Remember these lore articles are all WIP. Once the authors feel they are ready to be posted for Peer Review, they can be moved to the Peer Review forum. Lore articles should be a complete first draft before they goe to Peer Review.

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Article Index

Postby Vellichor on June 23rd, 2016, 10:13 am

Wanted Articles

  • Zeltivan Navy. (Trade relations, ships, rank)
  • Scavenge/Salvage Skill
  • Trade Routes
  • Battles fought by Syliras
  • NPC History of Sergeant Knight/Knights

Abandoned Articles
These articles are available for pick up!

Works in Progress

In the Workshop

  • [Skill] Dance -- Sayana
  • [Skill] Gardening -- Crystal
  • [Skill] Herbalism -- Amunet
  • [Skill] Music Composition -- Jasmine
  • [Skill] Play Musical Instrument -- Karin
  • [Skill] Tattooing -- Trisa
  • [Faction] The Bells of Tanroa -- Eosi

Peer Review

  • [Skill] Archaeology -- Aladari
  • [Skill] Geography -- Vellichor
  • [Skill] Painting -- Firenze

Founder Review

  • [Skill] Beekeeping -- Aladari
  • [Skill] Fishing -- Ferrin
  • [Skill] Intimidation -- Irriari
  • [Skill] Law -- Marina Agamand
  • [Skill] Meditation -- Clyde
  • [Skill] Scavenging -- Shimoje
  • [Skill] Seduction -- Vellichor
  • [Artefact] Divine Artifact -- Azmere
  • [Creature] Hakali -- Evalin
  • [Creature] Okomo -- Elysium
  • [Race] Eypharian -- Rosela

    Founder Projects

      Jewelcrafting -- Gossamer (Work In Progress)
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