Character Matchmaking Information

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In this forum, characters should feel free to post their want-ads looking for new family members, friends, apprentices or teachers. There are stickies that will help you get started and formulate your posts so your needs are clearly stated.

Character Matchmaking Information

Postby Gossamer on May 16th, 2009, 7:47 pm


Welcome to the matchmaking forum!

The premise of this forum is simple. Post up a 'wanted' add or post within other people's wanted adds in response. 'Want Ads' should include what exactly it is your looking for as a player character. The sky is simply the limit in this forum. Both players and storytellers can use this forum if they'd like. Just remember to be clear about what your looking for. Adds might consist of:

  • Players seeking In-game family members (mother, father, brothers, sisters, spouses)
  • Adventuring Groups seeking new members
  • Apprentices looking for Craftsman or Craftsman looking for apprentices
  • Slaves looking for Masters or Masters looking for Slaves
  • Storytellers seeking people for Adventures
  • Organizations seeking New Members - Mercenary, Barbarian Raiders, Associations, Cults, Etc
  • Educational facilities seeking educators or scholars

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