[Skill] Tattooing

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[Skill] Tattooing

Postby Trisa Miroy on August 3rd, 2016, 6:03 am

Article: [Skill] Tattooing
Author(s): Trisa Miroy
Other development:
Additional Info: I am not an actual tattoo artist, just a collector of body art. As such, any advice or additions would be greatly appreciated! Discussion thread found here.

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Synopsis: This article will begin by speaking about the three types of tattooing prevalent throughout Mizahar and their origins: Myrian Scarring, Hand-Tapping, and Pricking. This section will also cover the differences in the final product that these techniques produce, as well as the benefits of each technique. From there, the article will talk about what is needed in order to tattoo. The materials, tools, space, and any assistance needed will be provided for each technique. After the process of actually tattooing is described, there will be another section that describes proper aftercare for a tattoo. Of course this final section’s actual success will be based on each user’s skill level, but the best way of going about caring for a tattoo will be depicted.

1. Overview
  • Myrian Scarring
  • Hand-Tapping
  • Pricking
2. Setting Up
Myrian Scarring
  • Tools & Materials
  • Workstation
  • Tools & Materials
  • Workstation
  • Tools & Materials
  • Workstation
3. The Process
  • Myrian Scarring
  • Hand-Tapping
  • Pricking
4. Aftercare
5. Prerequisites & Related Skills
Though there are no prerequisites to tattooing, having a background in art would greatly improve the quality of tattooing that the artist is capable of.
  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Copying/tracing/forgery;
    OOC :
    The current stub for copying states that “copying is the skill of copying written works from one source to another.” As transferring a drawing from paper to skin may be required of a tattoo artist, I figured I could include this skill as a related since it is the closest skill to tracing that I could find. I also didn’t think forgery was quite what I was looking for either. Open to suggestions.
  • Calligraphy (as well as its prerequisite, Writing)
  • Medicine
6. Skill Progression
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[Skill] Tattooing

Postby Vellichor on August 15th, 2016, 5:07 am


Seems like a good start. I'd question calligraphy being a related skills, though I understand why it could be there. I think it has more to do with drawing and design. Also, you may consider adding the potential dangers of tattooing, due to lack of proper aftercare. And perhaps the process of removing a tattoo. Good luck!
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