[Journal] Notes of a Dreamer

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[Journal] Notes of a Dreamer

Postby Infilia Snowsong on June 6th, 2017, 2:07 pm


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Infilia's Notebook

Here in lies Infilia's personal information. I don't mind anyone looking through her journal, but these are mainly for her personal plotlines and opinions based on her adventures throughout Mizahar.

Part One: OOCThis will be in first person as they are Infilia's thoughts.

Dear Friend,

Throughout my time spent living outside of Avanthal, I've been really uncomfortable. Being outside of my home was not all, the greatest experience. Though the first couple of seasons went great, it was Winter, one of my favorite seasons that didn't happen at all.

Queen Morwen shirked on her responsibilities​, and every other Vantha including myself had to pay for the consequences. I had to be silent about my identity during the Winter. It was difficult for me to cope during that time, I was working under cover for that season. Most of my time was spent at the Wolf's Cavern, but I only came when it was quiet, I was lucky enough to be alive. The place smelled funny. But, I didn't think that I was really welcomed when my people were being hunted for a lot of Mizas at that point. They probably should have killed me, but Korin was generous enough to give me a warning about his Inn.

Though, as of lately, it's Summer, Spring went by fine, but I didn't do too much like I should have. I need to practice more of my Flute, and dancing. If I really want to be a Master St either of them, I needed to practice, and maybe I could find some people willing to help me practice. Although, this season- it seems really peculiar. There's something funny going on within Alvadas that I'm really unsure of. I really like it here though, I think I fit in quite well with the other Alvads though, I don't know about Ionu. He or she might not trust Vanthas still, but there's still hope. I should probably also focus on my devotion with Ionu before it's too late...



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