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Postby Onaona on October 14th, 2017, 10:07 pm




    Race: Otani
    Gender: Female
    Age: 517
    Birthday: 1st of Spring, 3av
    Birthplace: Faleyk Gulf

    Appearance: As glassy as water and constantly changing, Onaona is the very sea itself come to life. Her body has an elasticity similar to a human, but without the bones that make it ridged, or the skin that gives it texture. As a result she is slippery and bendy and hard to hold, but those who manage will notice her body runs cold. In the evening she will take on a gentle phosphorescence.

Onaona's preferred shape is feminine and vaguely human. On land she will stand five feet tall with narrow shoulders and hips and hair that sits straight and heavy to her waist. Her facial features are almost constantly in flux, and even her colour can change depending on emotions she is trying to convey or interesting scenery she is trying to emulate. Ona’s voice is as high and clear as a bell but can be unbearably screechy when worked up.

✨Character Concept✨

    Ona is a strange creature. She has a childish sense of playfulness yet a memory that goes back centuries. She learns by imitation, and will mimic facial expressions, actions, sounds and even interesting colours in an effort to better understand them. There is a sense of mischievous wonder about her that fuels the games that she’ll play with willing or unwilling participants. She truly adores people and is motivated to interact with them.

Though for all her effervescence, Ona is not as benign as she seems. A fierce, consuming loyalty to Laviku is the very core of her being, and any perceived slight to her god is the quickest way to turn her hostile. And as a monster and a moldling, even with all her efforts to emulate and understand other species, true empathy is simply beyond her. Human minds turn in unfamiliar patterns that she struggles to comprehend, and their sense of right and wrong can vary wildly from hers.

✨Character History✨

    Onaona was born at a time when the races were emerging on their knees to inherit their newly broken world. Full of her god's purpose she and her brothers and sisters watched these creatures rebuild, learning their languages and a smattering of their rapidly disappearing ancient tongue on the way. And slowly, over days, decades and centuries Onaona fell in love. Humanity was strong and resourceful, adaptive and enduring, full of art and song and passion. She pined from a distance, swimming in the shores of their cities and dancing in the wakes of their ships. She followed their progress from sea to sea, from the glaciers of Avanthal to the stony shores of Sahova, always moving.

Occasionally humanity would disappoint her. They could be fickle things, prone to straying from Laviku's light and taking for granted the bounty he provided them. She with the help of her brothers or the sea itself had drowned many blasphemers, and had helped swarm ships or dash them against rocky shoals. But you must have a firm hand in these things, for how else would they learn? She did it out of love.

In the last century she had moved up through the Suvan sea, visiting the cities that lined its shores, chasing after merchant vessels and playing with the Svefra that called it home. But recently her god had been pointing her southward, guiding her to a new settlement of the shores of the lush jungle. She doesn't know what she'll find there, but she is excited to watch the rise of a new city like she did in the old days. And she will be there to help groom them into a kind of followers her precious Laviku deserves.


    Fluent Language: Common
    Basic Language: Fratava
    Poor Language: Nader-canoch


Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Impersonation 5sp 5 Novice
Reimancy (water) 10rb, 10sp 20 Novice
Singing 10sp 10 Novice
Scavenging 25sp 25 Novice


    Religion: Laviku
Lore of traditional Svefra sea songs


  Heirloom: A rough, old stone idol of Laviku. Standing thirty centimeters tall, it depicts the sea god in his form as an old man with a tangled seaweed beard and wearing long robes. It was the first tribute Onaona was ever given over five centuries ago. The details of its weathered face and flowing robes have worn away over time, but she still considers it her most treasured possession.

Jellyfish BreathThis foul-smelling slime comes in a watertight pouch and can be inhaled through the nose and mouth thus granting the ability to breathe underwater for up to three hours. Once used, a person must enter the water within no more than 10 minutes or begin suffocating as the substance prevents air breathing until a few minutes before losing its potency. This substance is VERY rare and is usually found only in deepwater caverns of the Suvan Sea.
Bracelet, gold
Magnifying Glass
Steel Mirror
Silver Dice
Laviku holy symbol, silver
Cold Iron Dagger
Cloth Bag
Paprika, 30g jar
Honey candy, 32pc

Onaona has come to haunt a cave off of Sharktooth Point. Less a home, it is simply as place where the Otani can keep her things and shelter during the worst storms. The cave is a tapering space where several large rocks formations lean against each other, making a shaded, cool area just far enough ashore not to flood completely during high tide. The algae slick floor is scattered with pretty, iridescent shells and smashed bits of crustacean, the debris of many feedings. Nestled in a petrified birds nest above the tideline sits a salt crusted sack tied tight at one end, where Ona keep all her worldly possessions.


Purchase Cost Total
    Starting +100 GM 100 GM
Cashed in Housing +500 GM 600 Gm
Magnifying Glass -100gm 500gm
Jellyfish Breath -250gm 250gm
Bracelet, gold -20gm 230gm
Spyglass -100gm 130gm
Compass -75gm 55gm
Mirror, steel -10gm 45gm
Silver Dice -4gm 41gm
Dagger, cold iron -6gm 35gm
Whistle -8sm 34gm 2sm
Sack -1sm 34gm 1sm
Holy Symbol, Silver -25gm 9gm 1sm
Paprika, 1oz -7gm, 5sm 1gm, 6sm
Honey candy, 32pc -1gm 6sm 0gm

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