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Priya Rai

Postby Priya Rai on October 14th, 2017, 10:07 pm

Priya Rai

Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: 24
Birth: 80th of Fall 493 AV
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 130lb

Profession: Prostitute
Birthplace: Sunberth
Residence: Ravok

Fluent: Common
Conversational: Shiber
Poor: Fratava


Priya appearance is a carefully cultivated thing. Her dark skin is routinely scrubbed raw to make it soft. Her tangled black hair is beaten into submission with ointment and careful brushing. Dark lacquer eyes are lined with khol to make them appear larger, and her dry, feathered lips are hidden with wax and balms. Long legged and taller than most, she keeps a careful diet to make sure she remains healthy and statuesque.

Beauty is Priya commodity, and her body is what she's selling. And mysterious bruises and bite marks are evidence of just how well used her body is. She prefers bright, billowy clothes in eye catching patterns, though often with immodest cuts to advertise what she is. Her voice comes in honeyed tones, and under her common Ravokian accent you can still hear the trailing edge of her mothers Shiber speech.


A long time ago Priya let go of all notions of pride and shame, and her life has been slowly improving ever since. Many people confuse her shamelessness for confidence, for she is difficult to embarrass and even harder to insult. But in reality she has learned to glide through life armoured in apathy- she simply doesn't care about peoples opinions anymore. Without this weight of judgment her spirits tend to be light and her mood unaffected by others, which gives her the air of being strangely detached from the world around her. She is often seen with some sort of grin on her face, since her amusement is easily surfaced and even her sarcasm comes with a curve like a scimitar.

Secretly, a small talent with numbers and a love of words has carried over from her childhood. She is sharp minded and clever, and starved for an education she never received. This unfulfilled desire has given rise to a guilty pleasure of riddles, logic puzzles and games; which fits in well with her soft spot for children. She is easily roped into any sort of challenge, and has even been known to wager her services against those who can stump her with a battle of wits.


Priya was born to Tova Rai and an absentee father in Sunberth, where she was raised on the docks with the Svefra's runty children. Then, at ten years old, Tova took her young daughter and mysteriously fled Sunberth. She was woken one night and told to pack her meger possesions by her agitated mother, and within the bell the two were on a merchant vessel headed to Ravok. And once they arrived in the beautiful floating city, they never left.

And this is about all Priya knows about her past. To this day she doesn't know why they fled, how they paid for the expensive journey, or even who her father could be. Though she has guessed that her heritage is rooted in the southern deserts, given her dark colouring her mother insistence to always speak Shiber to her daughter when the two were alone.

In Ravok Tova worked on the docks, loading and unloading cargo that came in from the lakeshore. The work was hard and dangerous, and Priya spent her childhood watching as her young mother withered before her eyes. Her skin was burned raw and cracked with callous, her eyes dimmed, and her back pained her greatly and bent her like an old woman. But through it all she would say proudly that she was doing 'good, honest work'. She wasn't like those thieves and smugglers who ran around the Dark Delights, living off the hard work of others. Or the old Ravokian families, who sat atop their wealth and never lifted a finger to help themselves.

But even then Priya wondered if her mother was mistaking pride for strength. She would secretly watch and marvel at these people who passed in their ravosalas. She wanted what they had- that ease and comfort that came from wealth or ill-gotten gold. She weighed her integrity against these things that could be hers, and found the former lacking.

She first sold herself when she was sixteen, to a man who sold mussels out of a cart on the docks. Then Priya came home, excited to show her mother how she made more gold in half a bell than she would have made all day on the docks. But Tova took one look as the the gold in her child's hands, enough to buy them both several good meals, and threw it into the canal. The shouting match that followed was heard by everyone in their building. Tova refused to have such dirty gold under her roof, and damned her child as a filthy, lazy slut. Priya, for her part, shouted that she refused to grow up to be a tired, broken hag like her.

This last argument detonated their relationship, and even almost a decade later it still hasn't recovered. Now in her mid-twenties, Priya visits her aging mother infrequently. The two have dissolved into strangers, carefully avoiding all subjects that matter as they sip their tea across the table. But even now Priya knows she has done the right thing. It's only up from here, right?


Seduction 15RB 5SP 20 Novice
Mathematics 20SP 20 Novice
Cosmetology 10SP 10 Novice
Logic 10SP 10 Novice
Writing 5SP 5 Novice

Lore of Ravok Layout
Lore of Ravok Culture


Cotton Dress
Silk Undergarments

Starting Package
Cotton Blouse
Linnen Pants
Leather Slippers
Cotton Undergarments
Felt Cloak
Grooming Toolkit

Starting Package
Comb (Bone)
Brush (Bone)

The 12'6" x 32' studio registers 400 sq.ft. and comes furnished with:
Average wooden bedframe and a mattress stuffed with shredded cattails
Average wooden wardrobe
Small wooden table and two plain wooden chairs
Small metal brazier for cooking
2 Average wooden shelf sets
Average wash basin
Privy with a plain wooden bench and a chamber pot
Wooden Pipe
2oz Blue Vision
Blank Book
Heirloom: An old, beaten copy of a book called A Mathematicians Apology. Contains novice level Mathematic knowledge.


Purchase Cost Total
Starting Funds +100 100
Cotton Dress -1 99
Grooming Toolkit -30 69
Wooden Pipe -5 64
Blue Vision -0.2 63.8
Silk Undergarments -2.5 61.3
Blank Book -3 58.3
Total 58gm 3sm 0cm


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