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Postby Sae on December 26th, 2017, 5:44 am

Race: Dhani Constrictor (Reticulated Python)
Gender: Female
Age: 117
Human Appearance: Synsae is a noticeably tall at six feet and four inches, her somewhat lanky frame naturally powerful and athletic. Her skin is a light shade of brown, neither flawless, excessively scarred, or tattooed; in fact, her skin keeps a happy medium between having natural marks, such as moles and an interesting splotch-shaped birthmark on her collarbone, and a few scars. Her (self-proclaimed) regal visage most often holds a confident and almost smug expression. A single braid across the crown of her head serves as a headband, her dusky brown, kinky-curly locks framing her face.
Traits: Twice as strong as the average, untrained human (squat: 250lbs, deadlift: 310lbs, bench: 270lbs). An amplified sense of taste. Dislike of the cold. If in prolonged cold temperatures, get extremely drowsy.

Dhani Appearance: A monstrous behemoth at a staggering twenty-two foot length, her Dhani form bears a pattern similar to her snake appearance, yet with a humanoid torso covered in scales. Her arms are thicker in this form than in her humanoid form, and her body is broader; obviously, a machine built for war.
Traits: Four times as strong as the average, untrained human. (squat: 500lbs, deadlift: 620lbs, bench: 540lbs). Excellent senses of smell, taste, and hearing, average sense of sight. Night sight by sensing body heat and outlines to the point of being able to create an entire picture out of temperatures. Dislike of the cold. If in prolonged cold temperatures, get extremely drowsy.

Snake Appearance: Forty-five feet in length, Sae's snake form is an incredible sight to behold. Her triangular scales keep a rather fanciful pattern consisting of dark browns, yellows, and blacks, though her underside is a paler brown and noticeably rougher. Even though she's non-venomous, her fangs are somewhat long and curve inward, making it easier to bite, grasp, then pull her prey.
Traits: Excellent senses of smell, taste, and hearing, average sense of sight. Night sight by sensing body heat and outlines to the point of being able to create an entire picture out of temperatures. Dislike of the cold. If in prolonged cold temperatures, get extremely drowsy.

Synsae (Sae for short) is an odd Dhani, by normal standards. She takes little pleasure in senseless killing, insofar that she's rather squeamish about blood and innards. The woman dislikes cruelty or seeing another in pain, and, as such, isn't much of a hunter or killer past her natural instincts and abilities. However, she does keep a love of wrestling and bouts of strength and has been known to challenge any she deems worthy.

She has an affinity for creatures, mainly the non-humanoid and non-speaking sort for reasons known quite quickly to any who interacts with her. Though animals tend to be skittish around the Dhani, she has learned some amount of animal handling from a slave kept by her nest's Queen.

Birthday: 34, Autumn, 400
Birthplace: Zinrah, Falyndar

Slyssisynsae was born in Zinrah to one of the moderately sized nests. Obviously a constrictor from birth, she was always one of the bigger snakelings, a trend that continued to her Dhani form and then to her eventual human form. Her mother, while not a Queen, was one of best and most aggressive hunters of the nest, and held some amount of influence over the Nest (she was highly respected, at most, but of course didn't have as much power or influence as the Queen). Her leadership qualities and aggressive tendencies were passed to her eldest, Synsae, but her hunting abilities and love of war and violence weren't; in fact, it was obvious from Synsae's first attempt at a hunt that she wasn't meant to be a hunter, as she failed to even kill her prey and simply let it go.

Though considered a disappointment by her elders, she was rather feared by her peers as a strong and aggressive wrestler in any of her forms. Slyssi, her mother, tempered her own disappointment by teaching Synsae to wrestle and use her strength to the fullest, and even found pride in her daughter's ability. Even so, both women were unsure of Sae's future, as wrestling wasn't much of an occupation.

When Synsae was a hundred and thirteen, well into her years as a young adult, she had been visiting a friend's nest when she happened upon a pen of Ashta and jungle canines. Inside was a woman in slave's rags, holding the attention of one dog as if it were a snakeling waiting on a meal being brought by their elder. Though Sae's command of Common was shaky at best, she knew within minutes what the slave was doing. It could be seen in her confident stance and expression, in her clear and firm tone, and the eagerness in the dog's response as it did everything she said. Sae had watched for near half a bell before she approached the slave and demanded to know what she was doing and why. It wasn't long before the woman was teaching an obviously intrigued young Dhani, and such tutoring continued for over two years, though her progress was slowed as Sae's race was quite a barrier to overcome.

When Sae was a hundred and sixteen, a group of her hatchmates had decided to leave the nest along with a few elders in search of new lands and different people. The first destination was Riverfall, the land of supposed giant men and tiny women alike. While Slyssisynsae was excited by the prospect of wrestling giant men and even interacting with tiny men, she was even more excited by the idea of finding new animals to train and keep. With nothing more than some supplies, two jungle dog pups, and a blessing from her mother, she set off with the group to Riverfall.

As the group traversed the jungle, the hunters easily getting food and those adept at surviving in the wild keeping them otherwise safe, they happened on a settlement unknown to any of them. The diplomat of the group was able to find and convince the supposed leaders of the land that they meant no harm and merely sought safe passage on their way to Riverfall, Synsae stayed behind. Why, neither she nor anyone could fully tell, but she had swiftly decided to stay at the settlement with her pups, an intense need for independence and change keeping her on the sands of Syka.

Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Animal Husbandry 15 SP 15 Novice
Wilderness Survival [Jungle] 20 SP 20 Novice
Tracking 10 SP 10 Novice
Wrestling 10 RB, 5 SP 15 Novice

Heirloom: A male and a female jungle dog. (One is paid for in the character ledger.)

  • Black Linen Shirt
  • Black Leather Pants
  • Simple Undergarments
  • Black Linen Cloak
  • Leather Boots
    • None
    • Comb (Wood)
    • Brush (Wood)
    • Soap
    • Razor
    • 1 eating knife
    • Flint & Steel

    • 1 large tent (4 person)
    • Large Tarp
    • 100 ft. of rope
    • Lantern
    • Torches (x2)
    • Bedroll & Blanket
    • Small Compass
    • Small Pack (Hip)

    Location: Syka

    House: A four-person tent in the jungle she set up in seeing distance of the Commons. She has a campfire set up, as well as a few dead logs on the ground for seating. Her tarp is stretched above the tent and the campfire, and she's used what vegetation she can to camouflage her site as best as possible. Two makeshift posts are set up near her tent and the campfire, under the tarp, where her dogs are leashed using rope - they're close enough to be able to enter the tent on cold days.


    Fluent Language: Snake-tongue
    Basic Language: Common

    Lore: Worshipping Siku
    Lore: Basic Canine Training: Stop

    Purchase Cost Total
    Starting +100 GM 100 GM
    Chevos Jungle Dog -30 GM 70 GM
    Selling horse to Dhani +250 GM 320 GM
    Small Backpack -2 GM 318 GM
    Small Compass -37 GM, 5 SM 280 GM, 5 SM

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