[Skill] Investigation

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[Skill] Investigation

Postby Avinasai on March 19th, 2018, 11:19 pm

Article: Investigation
Author(s): Currently, Avinasai.
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Synopsis: This skill is highly regarded in almost any (if not all) major Role-playing games. This article will be broken down through layers of play as one progresses through this skill. This article will also cover enough information given to the new players and will possibly be a good reference for even those veteran players too.


A. Investigation has been a skill as long as Mizahar existed. It's a common skill when trying to find information. It helps people gather information that can be used to be plotted against enemies or to explore other future opportunities.


A. Prerequisites and Related Skills:


There are no prerequisites that need to be had with this skill.

Related Skills.

1. Observation.

Observation is regarded as a related skill because it uses a good amount of perception. To investigate calls for a clear and level headed mind, and one should be able to see what he's looking at and understand it well too.

2. Planning.

Planning can be considered as another related skill because if you were to investigate a murder or a stolen artifact; a good investigator needs a strategy. Planning would make your investigation a lot more smoother. Especially being prepared for what could possibly happen to your character, they could be prepped for anything that they think will block their path.

3. Organization.

As well as preparation, organization is similar, but not exact. It's like a chef mise en plas. Which is a fancy term for getting all your equipment ready to go for your lab. However, there's a number of equipment that an investigator will need in order to have a true occupation for being one. Being organized will definitely help with your investigations and searching, because having your tools out at hand will make the process go faster. Plus, it would look unprofessional if you waste a lot of time trying to find your own equipment that you should have already had on your person.

4. Negotiation.

This skill could be regarded as a related skill because to investigate a crime scene of some sort, an investigator would have to talk and socialize to get some information about a particular incident, or maybe even a bounty hunting job too. They could ask around if they've seen someone that they've described, or what not. That's just an example.

5. Socialization.

One could simply try solving an investigation while being social. It's pretty standard. One just can't solve an investigation without talking to people. Investigators would have to be careful with crediting what people say to their questions. If people respond differently to the same question, then they could be up to something. Or have committed a crime, or is thinking about commiting a crime.

(More to come).

B. What Is Investigation Used For?

This skill can be used for many adventures. Whether you're in ancient ruins filled with traps and you'd like to search for them? Or if you are working on a task that was a murder and you're investigating to discover who was the murderer? Or maybe your trying to find out what plans your enemies are keeping as secrets? There's a number of things that this skill could be used for.

C. Skill Progression.

1. Novice (1-25)

2. Competent (26-50)

3. Expert (51-75)

4. Master (76-100)
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