Location [Wind Reach] The Sanikas Gates

Those travelling into Wind Reach must post their entrance into the city here.

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The westernmost tip of Kalea, Wind Reach is home to an amazing group of people and their giant eagle mounts. [Lore]

[Wind Reach] The Sanikas Gates

Postby Solstice on August 28th, 2018, 6:51 pm



After the long hard journey up the road, the gates seemed to be a bit of a disappointment to those that are use to much grander sites. The gates look to be nothing more than a simple hallway cut into the face of Mount Skyinarta. As visitors peer down the hallway only darkness greets them, as they walk up the first few steps and become level with massive columns to each side, they notice a deep groove set around them. Upon investigation of the groove, there is a solid steel gate that will drop in place, holding the entrance against all attacks. Almost, as if an afterthought, a simple metal chain with a colorful glass handle dangles by the side of the column waiting to be pulled.

The few Inarta that travel from Thunder Bay know that the chain is there to announce your presence to the gatekeepers. Pulling it, sounds off a clatter of bells that fill the road with a metal harmony, and brings an old man whose red hair has faded to gray. Perhaps one of the few scholars left that can speak common fluently, the man greets visitors with a voice as fine as old paper crackling. “Hello, may I be of assistance?” As the visitors look around, they see a small alcove where a pot is warming itself over a small coal fire on a stone table. The old man is sitting on a stone bench with soft leather for padding, and next to him are a bronze lever and a bronze pipe opened to the air. Beyond the alcove is a small room, where enterprising people can come and learn different languages from Gatekeeper; all he asks is for a few tea leaves to pass the time.

Valtrrrik Imsun
Name: Valtrrrik Imsun
Race: Inarta
DoB: Fall 445AV
PoB: Wind Reach
Title: Gatekeeper or Elder
Skills: Animal Husbandry 52, Brewing 35, Drawing 35, Fletching/Bowing 33, Hunting 25, Land Navigation (From the Air) 13, Riding 24, Teaching 80, Writing 80, Linguistics 85
Gnosis: 2 M Eywatt

An elder craftsmen of the Inarta, Gatekeeper Valtrrrik Imsun otherwise known as Val Imsun is the first line of defense against unwanted visitors and wild creatures. Though the Gatekeeper has many wrinkles on his face, his eyes glow with knowledge of adventures long lived and obtained through trial. Unknown to distant travelers, the Gatekeeper was an Endal that has ridden to other cities and learned their languages. After his eagle was to old to hold him aloft, he retired and now he stands guard against any evil entering Wind Reach. Perhaps, because of his experience in other cities; he track goods coming into the city and knows a round about value for them. Upon answering a few questions, the Gatekeeper shouts into the pipe, with the Inarta language, to ready the Dek which operates a great lift that moves goods and people up a shaft into the city proper. Afterward the Gatekeeper shoots answers about the people and the value of their goods.

There is no Moderation Required for this location. However, the Wind Reach Storytellers still reserve the right to deny access to the city and/or intervene on incorrect entrance posts

Note: During the winter the gates are closed, but a small steel door is set in the gate to allow single visitors to enter and leave. The Door is barred and only by pulling the chain will the gatekeeper open the door.

Original location credit: Gossamer
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