Plant Idea

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Plant Idea

Postby Teeryian Khohen on December 3rd, 2018, 4:59 am

Been thinking of a unique plant recently, but it's a very rare plant in this case.

Name of Plant: The Stoneheart (flower) (plant)
Rarity: Uncommon in Lhavit, but Rare amongst the rest of Mizahar.
Appearance: It's a 3 foot tall plant that has thick roots sprouting out of the ground covered in thrones. It's shape is almost like a rose in a sense, but not as comforting as the look of one. It bears a special stone inside the center of the flower that when crushed can be used to delay any one sickness. Either natural or unnatural. It's colors usually are earthlike relating to a mountain or other stone colors.
Origin: Can be possibly dated back before the Valterrian Era, but history of it is unknown. It might have derived from the family of roses, but no one knows for sure (a but redundant, but gives a nice clue of what kind of plant it could be). One thing for sure, since there isn't a lot of these plants wildly grown amongst Mizahar, creatures known as Earth Walkers (planning on making a creature for this plant too) protect these plants. They're normally mountain creatures, but can be found almost anywhere in Mizahar, if one really wants to find them that is.

If I need to develop this more as a clear concept let me know, but I thought that something like this would really motivate a person in a fantasy world such as this one because the plant is rare and people could use them for many things...

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