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Event calendar for Spring 519AV. Consult when time stamping.

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The westernmost tip of Kalea, Wind Reach is home to an amazing group of people and their giant eagle mounts. [Lore]

[Wind Reach] Calendar of Events Spring 519AV

Postby Solstice on March 1st, 2019, 6:15 pm



In the wake of the Wind Tower flaring green, the oppressive wind and rain covering the city and surroundings of Wind Reach slowly fades, leaving clear skies and pleasant, mild weather that persists for the rest of the season. The fallen rain does not abate immediately and much of the lower elevation areas outside of the city remain flooded for a time. The Sanikas River has become a raging rapid that has overflown and swamped the Sanikas Road, making traversal difficult until the waters subside near the middle of the season. The rains of the previous season have served to enrich the surrounding environment, and animals and plants return with fervor. The surrounding mountains bloom with life and even the least religious among the Inarta offer grudging praise to Zulrav. Despite damage the storms caused, it's undeniable that the land now prospers. The weakest of the Inarta have starved, leaving food for the strong, and the storms have washed away the dead growth that has persisted through last summer into the sea. The people of Wind Reach who have survived can now look towards the future with brighter eyes. As if in celebration of the end of the brutal Winter, three Wind Eagle chicks hatch, one after the other. This sends a frenzy of competition through the Yasi, with all of them struggling to catch the chicks’ eyes.

However, even as the land prospers under the brutal rain of the previous season, it's undeniable that the mountains still suffer from Winter's absence. The most notable effect is seen in the great mountain of Skyinarta herself. The mountain trembles and quivers as the pressure of the lava within her builds. The rains of the previous season tempered the volcano’s rage, but with clear skies and an absence of snow cooling her depths, Wind Reach suffers from frequent quakes and untimely eruptions of lava. The reimancers of the city band together to work on solutions to the problem, but a growing unease still lingers. Until Winter finds its way back to Mizahar the situation will only grow more grave with each passing season, and any solutions found are only bandages on a deepening abscess.

Several days after the storm passes, the group of missing Endal believed to have been lost the previous season return, minus one member. Their return is heralded joyously, but the haggard and beaten group speak in hushed tones when telling their tale to the Valintar. They claim to have been willfully stalked by a flying beast in the wilds, though they are able to offer no description of it as it only struck during the darkest and most terrible parts of the storm. According to them, the monster killed and disappeared with both an eagle and its rider, then vanished when the storm passed. The Valintar immediately orders all hunters to keep an eye out for the monster. Several of the Flights organize scouting missions and hunts in an attempt to find and slay the beast. And all residents of Wind Reach, regardless of caste, keep a wary eye on the sky.

Weather and Wildlife

1st-20th - Mere days after the end of the storm, flowers bloom and wildlife emerges from hiding to feed and give birth to their young. The majority of the animals seen are various types of deer, goats, and wild sheep, but the rare Sky Wolves are heard in the mountains surrounding the city. The weather is excessively pleasant during this time, with mild temperatures and only the rare showers. The Sanikas River continues to flood during this time, making the Sanikas Road impassable. For the moment, the mountain remains quiet.

21st-40th - The weather remains pleasant, but the mountain begins to grumble. Animals are easily spooked by the rumbles and more wary than usual, and a few small landslides block roads and must be cleared by Dek.

41st- 70th - The earthquakes grow more intense, and the reimancers begin enacting plans to keep the mountain in order. By this point the flooding of the Sanikas Road has abated and is technically traversable, but the quakes coming off the mountain send small landslides to cover the road from time to time and keep the Dek busy. The winds are heavy during this time, but not enough to hinder Wind Eagle flight.

70th-91st - Heavy rains quiet the mountain somewhat, though these rains are nowhere the intensity of the previous season. The flooding has gone down by now, and the reimancers are given more time to work on solutions for the trembling mountain.

??? - The beast lurks...somewhere.


1: Market Day - The first market day of Spring is celebrated in decorations of pastel pinks, greens and blues. Cedar and his musicians play, and the Inarta go wild working out their frustrations of the past season of isolation. There is dancing, singing, and fighting. Even the Wind Eagles join into the celebration.
5: Animals emerge in full force and hunting begins again with ernest.
10: Market Day - Two of the three missing Endal return, amidst the market day celebrations. Their grave expressions and explanations send a hush over the crowd. They speak of a monster able to hunt even a mighty Wind Eagle and Endal. The Valintar arranges for all hunters to keep watch for the beast.
18: A Wind Eagle chick hatches.
20: Market Day Several bright, rare, and beautiful silks are shipped in from outside of the city and sold at Market Day. The seller is closed-mouthed about their origin.
28: The mountain begins to stir, and the first of the landslides occur. The Dek are set to work clearing them out.
29: A second Wind Eagle chick hatches.
30: Market Day - A third wind eagle chick hatches! The celebration echoes throughout Market Day. Feather decorations dominate the market.
35: A merchant attempts to brave the Sanikas Road, is washed away by the flood waters, and drowns
40: Market Day
48: The Sanikas Road finally becomes traversable as the high water subsides.
50: Market Day - Today's market day carries a higher variety of rare goods with the opening of the Sanikas Road. Thunder Bay is also formally opened, and regular travel and trade is resumed.
58: A young eagle and their rider vanish. A party of Endal go searching for them, but no trace can be found of their whereabouts.
60: Market Day
68: The remains of the missing eagle and their rider are discovered hidden in the mountains, partially eaten. All of Wind Reach is enraged and a call for retribution rings from the peaks.
70: Market Day
72: A hunt is declared! A group of Endal and Avora hunters go in search for the beast. With some convincing, perhaps others might also be allowed to join the hunt.
80: Market Day- Market Day is held in the Stained Glass Gallery on account of the rain.
86: The reimancers hold a meeting in the Stained Glass Gallery where suggestions on how to deal with the quakes are offered by all castes.
87: A Dek wanders out during the heavy rains, and is later found dead in the Twin Lakes.
90: Market Day Market Day is held in the Stained Glass Gallery on account of the rain.

Seasonal Challenges

  • Hunt an animal or gather a natural resource
  • Hear a rumor about the Beast
  • Give support in dealing with the quakes
  • Offer thanks to Zulrav
  • Prepare (or help someone to prepare) to hunt or defend against the Beast
  • Enjoy a meal
  • Spend time outside
  • Witness a Wind Eagle chick
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