Completed Winged Thing I

Lani seeks Val out for some Falconry help.

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Winged Thing I

Postby Lani Stranger on April 28th, 2019, 10:21 pm


”Is he?” Val asked, and she nodded.

”I think he is calmer.” She observed, not sure if Val knew about her auristics, or if she should tell him she was essentially cheating. Was it cheating though?

”Alright, then go for it. You’ll do the same thing, although this time you don’t have to walk him around, you can just put him straight from the perch into his cage.” Val offered, and she was a little relieved to cut the exercise short. Like Val had said, she would definitely need to practice.

Taking her newly learned practices into account, Lani picked up the jesses near his feet with her right hand and begun untying them from the perch with her left. ”Okay, we will try one again.” She spoke to him in Nari, finding he liked the language better than Common. She was sure she would speak to him in both, so he would have to get used to common. But for Val’s sake as well, she spoke in Nari. ”No upset this time.” She warned him gently as she worked the jesses loose. Once they were she adjusted the grip in her right glove once more before pulling up to his chest. This time he was more expectant of what she wanted and did not fight her so much before stepping onto her hand. She saw him adjust his wings and continued talking, just in case. ”See? Not bad.” She commented, holding him steady as she stepped over to the cage, pulling it open with her left arm. Spider adjusted himself as soon as he saw the cage, anticipating ducking into it. Slowly and steadily she pushed him into the cage, lifting him once she was elbow deep in his enclose so that she could put his long black tail on the otherside of the perch inside the cage. ”Good, Spider.” She cooed as he watched the perch over his shoulder and anticipated coming off of her hand. The second time was so much easier she felt like an idiot for freaking out the first time. Before he could escape her, Lani set to removing his jesses, pulling them out of the cage before gently closing and clasping the door.

”Impressive.” Val said, and Lani grinned. ”You’ve got the first step down.”

”He is more… comfortable with me after first time.” She commented, and Val nodded.

”Yes, but when you start tomorrow, expect him to be just as nervous as the first time. It will take a few days before he is totally comfortable with this, and you.” Val cautioned, and Lani nodded, that made sense. ”You also could have left the jesses on, but that is fine too.” Val said, waiving away the comment and pulling off his own glove. Lani pulled hers off as well, and began folding and packing all her new supplies back into the back.

”When you have a day off next, come back and I will show you what the hood is for, and some other things that that scroll doesn’t teach you. Otherwise, use the scroll as much as you can, it is very helpful for these beginner corvids.” He said, and Lani nodded, a soft excitement for her new companion in her mind. She might not ever be a mother, but she was going to be a great birdhandler… or at least she was going to cry.

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