Solo Bookfall: Amidst the Dust and Parchment

Prelude: The Heritage Saga

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Center of scholarly knowledge and shipwrighting, Zeltiva is a port city unlike any other in Mizahar. [Lore]

Bookfall: Amidst the Dust and Parchment

Postby Akorcho on August 29th, 2019, 10:37 am


Denvali Quarter
-Raster Street
--Dantos Ibem, Small Independent Bookshop
Date: 5th Summer 519, Evening

Dressed in his usual browns, the beard trimmed neatly and most of the days dirt wiped clean. He rested with his chin in his hands and his elbows on the desk. Looking out toward the comfortable chair and fireplace, which often had a stranger sitting reading one of their latest purchases, even in summer they'd light it just to warm their toes. Today was not that day. It was quiet, he could barely hear the mouse he’d been trying to trap. That one had evaded him for seven days, and although Tobath his employer wanted to kill it, Akorcho had tried to be humane.

Working at the makeshift bookshop come library wasn’t particularly strenuous work, occasionally he’d lift large crates for private clients or especially old tomes but mostly it was individual volumes for the locals. There was always a sense he might find something interesting to read after work. There was also always a foreboding on his days off that he was forced to come back here to have a form of human connection. Outside of the tribe where strangers would poke and prod him for answers on aspects of his life. He would smile, nod his head and try to ask them how their day was. Eventually, the phrase wore thin. What was nice was the break from loneliness short and brief as that surface conversation usually was.

Maybe one day he'd even get paid. Who knows. What gave him a lift of joy and purpose, was escaping into a new investigation. Ever since he was able to put his parchment up in the shop, he’d had a steady stream of people coming in to ask him to investigate odd occurrences. This didn’t happen often but it did help find coin when it was needed.

Cataloging the latest volumes in order, he dusted off some of the old stock they’d just bought and tried to make sense of them.

Tigers are not always good pets by J Willingsbe
Battles, how to sell what's left after. By Unknown
Jams and other illustrious wonders by PE Armstead
Location Location Location for Fishtanks by Baron Vei Thornborough.

Needless to say today was not very interesting. He was just about to put them all aside or give up the will to live, whichever came first.


A large volume was dropped on the desk, which shook the cobwebs from his eyes. Diomea Oligarchs Treaties on Arcana, Its contractual obligations within the primary heritage. 6th Edition. The title was a mouthful, but that wasn’t what had startled him. The man looking back was the strangest man he had yet to see, and in a port town that was saying something.

“How much for this?”

Akorcho blinked and rubbed his beard. He was allowed to make small purchases and usually called in the owner Tobath in the case he misvalued something. Individual purchases, for the most part, were rare, as most of their stock came from larger traders or from those recently inheriting a collection they didn’t want.

He didn’t answer immediately, signaling he wished to take the book from the stranger. The wanderer looked suspiciously guarded and didn’t immediately relinquish his hands from it. “Let’s talk price first.” The stranger insisted. Akorcho shook his head, that wasn't going to happen. However, it was hard to concentrate on the question when the man looked the way he did….

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