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Come in, relax, get clean and get some pampering done.

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Herein lies Xyna's Outpost, and her gift to Mizahar's people. It is a magical place full of potential and possibility where all can gather and exchange ideas and commerce.

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The Tranquility Spa

Postby Gossamer on December 25th, 2019, 2:37 am



As unusual as it sounds, Tranquility Spa is somewhat of a social gathering place for the residents and visitors of The Outpost. Popular for the dirty traveling crowd, the spa has a simple setup. Visitors must first disrobe, wash with the assistance of Gracie Lavon, in a small individual bathing pool. Then, once clean, the visitors are welcome to the larger pool and to lounge around as long as they'd like.

Visitors are served hot and cold tea, fruit, and a plate of cheese and crackers on small lounge tables around the large pool. Once clean and relaxed, the visitors can then opt for a personal or group massages by Gracie or Luccia. Services such as haircuts, hair dye, nail trimming and painting, makeup, body hair removal, beard trims, and shaves are all available and there is no need for ahead of time schedule.

The Tranquility Spa provides pampering of a level very rarely seen among the cities and regions of Mizahar. Owned by The Keiss, all those marked by Xyna get services rendered free with the display of their mark or if well-known by those who run TheTranquility Spa.

Bards often frequent the facility, paid by the owners to provide relaxing mood music to the patrons. They accept tips and often join in the bathing.

Luccia Zeval
ImageName: Luccia Zeval
Race: Eypharian
DoB: 490 A.V.
PoB: Eyktol
Skills: Cosmology, Grooming, Cleaning, Socialization, Planning, Psychology, Swimming, Fashion, Interior Design, Massage
Gnosis: None

Luccia is a gifted makeup artist and a fair hand at decorating nails. She has an incredible sense of style and seems to know exactly what haircut would look good on what person. She gives amazing massages and has a really nice instinct for what people need when they need it.
Gracie Lavon
ImageName: Gracie Lavon
Race: Human
DoB: 500 A.V.
PoB: Sylira
Skills: Massage, Grooming, Cosmology, Swimming, Piercing, Cleaning
Gnosis: 1 Sivah

Gracie is charismatic and entertaining. She can coax the shyest person out of their shell and get them talking. She is a capable hairdresser, stylist, and good at makeup and giving shaves to men. She is not squeamish and can do hair removals almost painlessly. Gracie is the life of the party and often gets a rather dull spa date on track to be a lot of fun. She often claims she specializes in making memories. Gracie will take anyone personal shopping as well to get their wardrobes fleshed out in the Open Sky Bazaar

Gilkas North
ImageName: Gilkas North
Race: Human
DoB: 490 A.V.
PoO: Lhavit
Skills: Grooming, Cosmology, Cleaning, Styling, Swiming, and Piercing
Gnosis: None

Gilkas is the guy who comes in when the ladies or gentlemen want a more masculine touch. He's tough but fair with body hair, piercings, and can do a wonderful job on hair and nails. Gilkas works hard to be taken seriously in an industry filled with women. He often patrols the pools and bath chambers, making sure things are clean, neat and looking good. This man is an incredible personal shopper as well.
Hair - 2sm
Nails - 5sm
Makeup - 5sm
Bathing - 8sm
Pool use - 1 gm/day

Personal shopping - 1gm/half day, 3gm/full day
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