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The Outpost's version of a library.

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The Reading Room

Postby Gossamer on December 25th, 2019, 3:59 am



The Outpost prides itself on knowledge. The Reading Room is just one example of this value. The Reading has a collection of books from far and wide, even some pre-valterrian texts on mundane things like crop irrigation and weather prediction. Other texts exist - some journals or diaries - while the vast majority of the collection consists of recipes for various foods, techniques for various crafts like pottery, or small scrolls of instruction for how to tan leather or build fencing. This is not surprising knowing the rules of The Reading Room.

One section of The Reading Room consists of a large elegant sunken couch filled with cushions and well lit for reading. The far side consists of stacks and stacks of books, scrolls, and small journals. In between exists a series of desks with chairs, each having its own oil lamp. The desks are for use for anyone seeking to copy texts and take the copies from the Reading Room.

No one can remove any material from The Reading Room. However, if people bring a book or journal to submit to The Reading Room, they are then allowed to copy a text or journal from the collection and thus remove knowledge from the facility that way.

Because of this fact, people are often found lounging in the sunken couch reading, sitting at the desks copying work, or milling about the stacks searching for new resources.

The Keiss guard The Reading Room and have ways to know when people remove items from the stacks and the Reading Room itself without submitting. No one has ever cataloged what is in The Reading Room so there is no real coherent order to how or why things are shelved. The situation is mostly random.

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