Location Xyna's Shrine & Temple Complex

This elegant building is main headquarters of The Keiss and the main place of worship and offerings to Xyna. It also contains the famous museum of currency where examples of the worlds coinage currently and throughout history are on display.

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Herein lies Xyna's Outpost, and her gift to Mizahar's people. It is a magical place full of potential and possibility where all can gather and exchange ideas and commerce.

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Xyna's Shrine & Temple Complex

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This elegant building with its gilded scrollwork and lofty tower walls drips of wealth and affluence. It is, in all respects, a temple to Xyna and the showcase of The Outpost. It sets the standards of decor and level of appreciation of the beauty of architecture to all the buildings around it. This sprawling complex exists at the southern portion of The Outpost, the furthest away from the dovecote and closest to the heart of the Open Sky Bazaar. It is made up of a huge temple devoted to Xyna.

There is a public chapel that anyone can visit, leave offerings too, as well as a small museum of currency dedicated to showcasing the coins used throughout time and the currency in circulation around the world. One of the best offerings someone could give at the Shrine is a rare pre-Valterrian coin. Xyna and her followers are huge fans of coinage - especially the rare stuff - and often Xyna herself will appear and thank the devotee personally especially if its a coin she does not have in her collection.

The shrine itself houses a gilded statue of Xyna, kneeling pillows to pray at, and a set of graceful offering steps at the statue's feet one can lay their offerings on. The Shrine has exquisite tilework mosaic on the floor, gilded tiles in beautiful calligraphy on the walls, and sports a lovely star-shaped fountain at its center.

Surrounding the temple on all sides is the main headquarters of The Keiss. Each acolyte and priest or priestess is given their own quarters, some very simple, and some very elaborate. Those bearing three marks or more of Xyna but that make The Outpost their homes often live in elaborate Riads outside of the temple as befits their status. But there are communal workshop rooms, classrooms, kitchens, and a whole host of amenities designed to comfort and assist the legions that work for Xyna here at The Outpost.

Like almost all the buildings in The Outpost, Xyna's Shrine and Temple Complex has a huge elaborate courtyard designed just for the followers of Xyna to meditate and quietly worship. Though her temple and their quarters are dripping with opulence, the courtyard is strangely stark in its beauty and simplicity, as if its designers wanted the followers to focus inward instead of outward. It does, however, sport a large swimming pool.

ImageName: Eliah
Race: Human
DoB: Sahova
PoB: 489 A.V.
Skills: Leadership, Business, Accounting, Psychology, Management, Hostessing, Spiritism, Reimancy (all elements), Auristics, Shielding, Hypnotism
Gnosis: 3 Marks Xyna, 2 Marks Sylir

Eliah is a gentle nurturing soul. He's the person most people run into when they visit the shrine and need someone from Xyna's camp to talk to - that is if the Goddess herself doesn't show up. A mage unto his own right, Eliah felt a greater calling than his birth in Sahova merited. Having no desire to live among the Nuits, he left the island early on in his life and traveled extensively throughout Mizahar learning its ways. He soon discovered the business was a way to ensure peace and that commerce could be stronger than the sword. Settling in Syliras, he discovered The Outpost before it was open to the public and helped Xyna establish the Keiss.

Since being in her religion, Eliah has noticed he's stopped aging. He hasn't changed a day since The Outpost came into existence and he has been told by Xyna herself that he will spend a great deal of time thirty years old - at least until all his life's work here is done. And she has promised him strangely enough that this will take several lifetimes if not more.

Eliah lives at the Shrine and Temple. He works closely with Zed, the official leader of The Keiss.
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