Location The Night Garden

The Outpost's social scene at night.

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Herein lies Xyna's Outpost, and her gift to Mizahar's people. It is a magical place full of potential and possibility where all can gather and exchange ideas and commerce.

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The Night Garden

Postby Gossamer on December 25th, 2019, 3:20 pm



If the heat is oppressive during the day and cools off at night, quite a few of The Outposts' more bold types will be found in The Night Garden after the sun goes down. A lively outdoor spot with lots of seating, The Night Garden has its own set of drink vendors and light meal vendors that are open far after the Fountain Walk crowd has closed. The Night Garden will often be full of entertainers and often has poetry recitations or singers giving small performances. If you want to meet bold artsy people, this is the place to swing by and visit. The crowd is friendly, there's lots of seating, and the refreshments are free-flowing.

Jokingly called The Outposts' place to hook up, The Night Garden attracts many single folks, travelers, and those that have no homes to return to other than empty rental rooms. That is why it is such a great place for solitary people to come together and make acquaintances, friends, and even meet lovers.

ImageName: Kylia
Race: Human
DoB: 500 A.V.
PoB: Ravok
Skills: Singing, Dancing, Gardening, Storytelling, Socialization, Seduction, Play Musical Instrument - Guitar, Flute, Harp
Gnosis: 1 Sivah

Kylia is an escaped entertainment slave from Ravok. She knows just how good she has it and has also managed to get to The Outpost and stay. She all but founded The Night Garden, encouraging its growth, giving musicians a place to play after dark, and recruiting vendors to service the garden's denizens. She's a self-taught gardener and takes care of the space, staying out from under the Keiss' noses.
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