The Gifts of the Meraki

Djinn discovers a new world in the Meraki's backyard

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The Gifts of the Meraki

Postby Wa'Djinnabi on January 12th, 2020, 11:04 am

To say the Meraki's dwelling was filled with magic was an understatement. With so many mages living in one place magic oozed from every brick and beam of the tower and its surrounding towers. And yet mysterious buildings appearing from the heavens or bursting forth from the earth below was not an every day occurrence, though neither of those scenarios truly suggested how the dovecote that appeared on the Meraki's land formed. The structure was the topic of all the denizens of the Demense when Wa'Djinnabi woke for the day. There were chores for him to do even though the harvest time was largely over. And so it was with a yawn and a full stomach that he strolled out to discover a bit of a commotion in one part of the proposed manor grounds.

He caught Dawson's eye and tilted his head to the structure, it was a strange building, squat and made of stones similar to the tower that he just roused from. "What.. is it?" He asked the older farmer. Naturally the man scratched his head and eyed the eypharian, "Looks like a dovecote, see all them holes at the top? Those are where..." he trailed off as a bird flapped its way over to the hole he was indicating and landed gracefully, "Yeah, those are where the birds come and go. Not sure where it came from." He shrugged as he and a few others entered the dovecote. Wa'djinnabi instead went around it, looking up at the building in wonder. He heard the doors close and by the time he made a circuit of the building he saw a fellow named Saegus, who he had met last season when the man showed him how to make paper figures, who looked stricken. Djinn followed the man's gaze and frowned, the door to the dovecote was open and, apparently, empty.

"Where did they go? I thought they just went in, did they go back to the tower already?" Djinn asked, his thick accent making the words almost unintelligable. He looked around for Dawson and the others. They couldn't have made it to the tower so quickly. Saegus shook his head after he parsed what the eypharian had said, "They went in there alright, not sure how it happened but the doors closed behind them. I opened it back up and they were gone, they were only there for a second." He frowned at the place they just were, " I almost don't want to go in there. They are probably fine, but I don't want to get eaten if that's what happened." Djinn supposed that was reasonable, in a world where magic could make anything happen, why not an hungry building that appears from thin air. It would not be the wildest story he heard.

They both stared at the building distrustfully when the building's doors slammed shut on their own. A moment later Dawson opened the door with a look of wonder. He spotted the two and gestured to Djinn, "Boy you have to see this. There is a whole 'nother world on the otherside of those doors. C'mere." He beckoned the eypharian closer with a grin. As he went to the farmer's side, he thought to himself, Maybe there should be rules in place to make sure we know one of us haven't been replaced by a monster. Saegus on the otherhand still looked at the building distrustfully, certainly not overlooking the fact that Dawson was the only one to return. Missing fellow members of the Meraki was not a point in building's favor.

Djinn entered the center of the building and looked up at the lofty rafters. There were many empty roosting spots for birds to settle down in. A single bird curiously puttered about near the top of the dovecote. He jumped as Dawson closed the doors. He looked at the farmer, normally so unflappable, grin at him in an almost manic way. They stared at each other a moment then he opened the door. What greeted them was not the sea side breeze or the scent of zeltivian pine but something closer to Djinn's homeland, furnace hot heat and the smell of sand and spices. The shouts of many people could be heard in the distance and the sounds of brassy pipes as some artist somewhere made music for a crowd.

"...What is this place?" He asked in wonder as he drifted from the dovecote and into the warmth of the desert.
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