Solo What Do You Sea?

Miha practices her Auristics on a cluster of oysters.

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What Do You Sea?

Postby Miha on May 2nd, 2020, 9:32 am

Spring 66th, 520AV

A new spot in Mathew's Bay meant a new treasure trove of shipwrecks to delve. Miha was submerged just off of the pier, the Reach, off of the Empyreal Demesne's beach. She liked to dive just to clear her mind, to cool off, and to have some alone time, but this time she had a goal in mind. The Kelvic swam in lazy circles. Underwater, her heart rate slowed considerably, and she felt like she was able to really focus. Her body and whiskers were designed to move almost imperceptibly through the water, and there was barely a bubble, barely a ripple as she spun and turned.

The spotted seal had all of her attention on her whiskers. She let her mind drift away with the sensation of the cold water against her fur. All thoughts were on her whiskers. They vibrated and nudged and swayed with every vibration in the water, every fish that came close enough. Miha wasn't trying to hunt, though. She was trying to read. With her eyes closed, the seal could feel the oysters clustered under the pier on the seafloor. They drifted back and forth with the waves and tide, but what the Kelvic wanted to know was whether or not there'd be a pearl to be found in one of them.

For this, she used Auristics. Her skill was not great. The magic left her tired, and she'd have to spend some time on the pier and rest before she could try again. But she swam closer to the oysters, focused on the vibrations they picked up. Focused on extending that feeling, the sensitivity, even further. She could feel the djed in her body welling up, and willed herself to suffuse her whiskers in the djed.

Miha's thoughts drifted off and she lost her focus. Petch! She surfaced, opening her eyes on the way up, and took a deep breath. She had already wasted some of the djed she knew she could safely pull out of herself. The powerful muscles in her goofy-looking body let her hop out of the water and onto the pier with little effort. The sun was warm on her fur and she rolled over. The seal had just started learning Auristics from her grandmother when the storm happened, and so far, she only had what little she knew to go off of. She was lucky enough that she knew anything, but she wanted to know more. There was so much more she had to learn. That's why she came here.

The seal rolled over again to sun her back. It was getting warmer. Without winter around, spring felt like summer, and summer was a hot, sticky mess saved only by the grace of the sea breeze. Another good reason to spend time in the cold seawater. Her Kelvic body wasn't made for the heat. She had thick layers of blubber to keep her warm in icy temperatures. A benefit - or negative, depending on who you were and how you saw it - was that the ship captains were having some trouble adapting to the new weather conditions. Without winter to keep everything balanced, storms were worse, currents shifted, and ships crashed against unfortunate rocky shores more often. Miha didn't like it, but it was what she had done for a living in Zeltiva, and she liked to look on the bright side of things. But with every crashed fishing boat, more people in the city starved. At least she was able to subsist on fish alone if she really wanted.
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