Goddess of Visions, Divination, and Foresight.

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Within the confines of this form lies the tangible proof of the prayers of the faithful throughout Mizahar.


Postby Dev'Ania on May 6th, 2020, 3:46 am

4, Spring, 520 AV
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From Written in the Cards

Dev’Ania breathed softly in through her button nose and out her pink lips, her chest rising and falling with each breath. Finally, the softness of her voice broke the silence as she began to whisper a prayer to Avalis.

“Avalis, Goddess of Visions and Divination, I call to You. I ask You for your guidance in my journey through grief. Help me in understanding. Help me as I struggle with my faith in the power to divine.” She began to slightly stammer over her words. “I- I do not mean I lack faith in You...I do...I j-just need some guidance in understanding Your gift.”

The young Konti was not used to praying. She, of course, remember the time she spent praying with her mother, but in her time in Lhavit, she hadn’t prayed to Avalis or any other god or goddess for that matter. It was as if it was new to her all over again.

She continued praying, her eyes now opening and looking up at the ceiling, as if she were looking right to Avalis, “I am thankful You have bestowed me with the power to enter the Chevena and seek the chavi of a person. It is an honor to be a creation of Yours and be blessed by You. I know my faith is not the strongest, but I still believe in You. I still feel Your love and protection through the hardships I face. May You always guide me. Dev’Ania.”
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