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Postby Willjan on July 16th, 2020, 9:26 pm



Race: Mixed Human
Gender: Male
Height: 6' 2'
Weight: 180 lbs
Age: 19
Birthday: 83, Winter, 500
Birthplace: A trading subdivision off Kenash

Character Appearance

As of Summer, Day 1, 519 AV:

Willjan stood as a tall but gaunt young man with ambitious, amber eyes and black hair that would bleach brown in the summer. He had a naturally tanned complexion and wore a loose-fitting, off-white tunic that had developed a yellowish tinge from many nights next to campfire smoke.


Willjan is extremely ambitious to the point of it being a character flaw. While he doesn't necessarily want fame, he wants money, power, and respect. But for now, he's 19 and has none of those things. The only thing that grounds him is Des, a much more pragmatic personality- who is like a sister to him.

He's fairly social, but views most interactions as mini-networking events rather than genuine connections. The key to his successes thus far has been his persistence and surprising patience; however, it is his pride (at its worst- narcissism or megalomania), selfishness, and disingenuous intentions that may cause him to fail.

Willjan has complex feelings in regards to Svefra. Due to his parentage, he made it a point to learn as much Fratava and of the Svefra culture as he could while growing up in the brothel. He came to admire many of the liberated aspects of their way of life, but loathes their views on ownership. He feels a deep longing to sail the Suvan Sea that he has never come to terms with.


Kenash: Winter, 500 - Winter 515
Willjan is the grandson of a deceased, ruined Smithy and the son of a prostitute in Kenash. She had him quite young; however, and so his real parentage came from the Madame of the brothel that his mother ended up working for, who became impressed with Willjan's initiative at a young age. The Madame taught him what he knows in regards to business administration, trade, and hypnotism.

Riverfall: Spring, 516 - Spring 520
Around the time he was 15, the Madame passed away, and without her guidance the brothel passed a number of hands before eventually closing due to mismanagement. His mother passed away during this time as well. Without anymore attachment to the place, Willjan and Des left Kenash for Riverfall, where necessity forced him to learn other skills to survive. It is during this time that he learned much of Wilderness Survival, Brawling / Fighting with a Cutlass, Land Navigation, Salvaging, and Food Preservation. He also picked up a rudimentary knowledge of Tukant, in an attempt to work with the Akalak; though, this venture eventually resulted in failure.

Syka: Summer, 520 - Present
Willjan convinced Captain James Chaliva to take Des and him to Syka, where he currently resides.

Detailed History (WIP)

Willjan was born a bastard in a scandalous affair between a pretty smithy's daughter and a rare Svefra trader, who had come into Kenash looking to contract out a large order of harpoons and bolts- metalwork which demanded the robust heat of a land forge. This was a big job for the smithy, one that took almost two months. The Svefra man would stop by often in that time to check his order's progress. He was quite handsome, fluent in common, and loved to share sea tales with The Smithy's daughter. By the time the order was finished, The Smithy's coin purse was heavy with Mizas and his daughter's belly would soon be heavy with another gift.

When she started showing, The Smithy almost sold Willjan's mother into slavery. In his eyes, they were already a broken family when his wife passed away giving birth to his daughter, and for her to get pregnant then, without any consideration for their future was naive and selfish beyond the pale. Willjan's mother swore up and down that the Svefra man had told her that he loved her, that he'd bring her into their pod, and they'd travel the sea together. They'd help get other Sevra contracts for his forge! She explained that to her father that the Sevra man had told her how pleased they were with the order- good work at a fair price. They'd be back again next year. Laviku would bless her and her baby, and she'd marry the handsome Svefra man. Everything would be OK.

Nine months later, Willjan was born wet and wailing into the world- with amber eyes. The Svefra man did come back, but he denounced the smithy's daughter in the same way that Laviku had apparently denounced this child. Clearly the Smithy's daughter was more 'free' with herself than they all knew, for that baby was no son of his. The daughter fell to her knees then, clutching the newborn. The Smithy attacked the man. The Sevra's companions were quick to pull The Smithy off, but not before he was able to bite a chunk of flesh off the cheek of the Svefra's oh-so-handsome face.

The Sevra traders perceived this assault as an injustice, and while it did not result in an all out Nal'lyeo- any business that worked with The Smithy would often find their sea-based imports vanished. The smithy was good at his work, but not that good. Not good enough for partners to bear the extra risk of missing shipments and tampered goods, anyway.

Ostracized and penniless, The Smithy eventually passed away a ruined man. Inheriting nothing, his daughter ended up at a brothel on a small island across the city from the old forge. There, Willjan grew up. The madame who ran the place ended up taking a shine to him when, at the age of 11, he started a small, sub-business with the Madam's daughter, Des, shining the shoes and washing the clothes of the girls' clients while they were being 'served.' She would eventually teach him everything he knew about the art of negotiation, trade, and even hypnotism...


Fluent Language: Common
Basic Language: Fratava
Poor Language: Tukant
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Willjan - Skills / Lores

Postby Willjan on July 18th, 2020, 4:51 am

Skills & Lores


(Note: May be adjusted if unused before 50 posts, not after)

Novice Skills
Novice Skills EXP Source
Business 5 5 SP
Food Preservation 9 9 SP
Hypnotism 10 10 SP
Weapon: Cutlass 10 5 SP
Competent Skills
Competent Skills EXP Source
Wilderness Survival (Forest, Jungle) 26 26 SP
Expert Skills
Master Skills


  • Lore - Managing a Small Business
  • Lore - Svefra: Knowledge of basic customs and culture
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Willjan - Possessions

Postby Willjan on July 27th, 2020, 1:08 pm

Possessions & Housing



Name Description Source
Linen Shirt Starting Package
Canvas pants Starting Package
Leather boots Starting Package
Leather Coat Starting Package
Cotton Undergarments Starting Package
Ramie Shirt Starting gear (bought)
Ramie Undergarments (long) Starting gear (bought)
Leather Pants Starting gear (bought)
Leather Gloves Starting gear (bought)
Broad-brim Sisal hat Starting gear (bought)
A glimmering silver ring - Ring of Invisibility (NOT FOUND YET) This ring grants the ring wearer a bell of invisibility for every Novice, Competent, Expert and Master level they have of the stealth skill. If they are competent at stealth, for example, they will get two bells of invisibility wearing the ring. Weekend Contest

Wilderness Survival

Name Description Source
Backpack Starting Package
Comb Starting Package
Brush Starting Package
Soap Starting Package
Razor Starting Package
1 Week’s Balanced Rations Starting Package
Eating Knife Starting Package
Flint & Steel Starting Package
Tent – One Person x2 Starting gear (bought)
Camouflage Tarp x2 Starting gear (bought)
Rope (hemp) 100 ft x2 Starting gear (bought)
Hooded Lantern Starting gear (bought)
Torch x2 Starting gear (bought)
Bedroll Starting gear (bought)
Fishing Kit Starting gear (bought)
Insect Netting Starting gear (bought)
Traveler's Stock Starting gear (bought)
Rucksack Starting gear (bought)
Animal Snare Bird Starting gear (bought)
Animal Snare, small Starting gear (bought)
Animal Snare, Tiny Starting gear (bought)
Water Additive Starting gear (bought)
(extra waterskin) Starting gear (bought)
Lamp oil (1-pint flask) Starting gear (bought)
Hatchet Starting gear (bought)
Compass Starting gear (bought)
Insect Repellant Starting gear (bought)


Name Description Source
Cutlass Starting gear (bought)
Shortbow, Composite Arrows, Mangos, and Swine
Shortbow Arrows (20) Arrows, Mangos, and Swine
Quiver Arrows, Mangos, and Swine

Job - Related

Name Description Source
Preserving Kit Starting gear (bought)


Name Description Source
Large Chest Starting gear (bought)
Lock (average) Starting gear (bought)
Book (blank) Used as a Journal or for notes Starting gear (bought)
Charcoal (10 pieces) No hope for the Willing
Hourglass (5 chimes) No hope for the Willing

Heirloom: A Book (average quality) given to him by the Madame of the brothel he grew up in. It covers the basics of accounting and running a small business.

Note: This book will improve Business skill maybe 1 or 2 points at the Novice level at most.


Location: Syka

Lodging: Bungalow (Renting)

(Note: May be adjusted if unused before 50 posts, not after)
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Willjan - Ledger

Postby Willjan on July 27th, 2020, 1:09 pm


Line Item GM Running Total
Starting 100.00 100
Trade in: Housing 500 600
Cutlass -12 588
Tent – One Person x2 -4 584
Camouflage tarp x2 -24 560
Rope (hemp) 100ft x2 -2 558
Hooded lantern -7 551
Torch x 2 -0.02 550.98
bedroll -0.1 550.88
Fishing kit -10 540.88
Insect Netting -25 515.88
Traveler's Stock -3 512.88
Rucksack -1 511.88
Animal Snare Bird -2 509.88
Animal Snare, small -5 504.88
Animal Snare, Tiny -1 503.88
Preserving Kit -5 498.88
Water Additive -3 495.88
(extra waterskin) -1 494.88
Lamp oil (1-pint flask) -0.1 494.78
Large Chest -2 492.78
Lock (average) -40 452.78
Insect Repellant -1 451.78
Shortbow, Composite -75 376.78
Shortbow Arrows (20) -1 375.78
Quiver -20 355.78
Hatchet -0.6 355.18
Ramie Shirt -0.175 355.005
Ramie Undergarments (long) -0.175 354.83
Leather Pants -1.6 353.23
Leather Gloves -1 352.23
Broad-brim Sisal hat -2 350.23
Book (blank) -3 347.23
Compass -75 272.23
Hourglass (based on price of beakers) -0.5 271.73
Charcoal (10 sticks) -0.05 271.68
Common Summer Living expenses Willjan (Tentative) -135 136.68
Common Summer Living expenses Des (Tentative) -135 1.68

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Willjan - NPC List

Postby Willjan on July 27th, 2020, 1:12 pm



Name: Des
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Birthplace: Kenash
Relationship to Willjan: (Platonic) Childhood Friend


Skill EXP Rank
Hypnotism 10 Novice
Negotiation 10 Novice
Wilderness Survival (Jungle) 10 Novice

Character Appearance & Concept

Des stood about a half-foot shorter than Willjan, almost always with a small smile- as if she was in on some joke that noone else knew. She had jet black hair that fell just past her shoulders, and that she preferred to keep neatly pinned back, framing her face. She had striking green eyes, which were usually the first thing that people noticed about her, but an otherwise plain demeaner.

She had met Willjan in the brothel that they had grown up in. It was her mother who was the madame of the place- the one who had eventually taught them most of their business sense... along with a bit of hypnotism before she passed away. Unlike Willjan, she was content living a fairly simple life. She mostly stuck it out with him out of a sense of familiarity. Willjan reminded her of her mother, which meant he reminded her of home. Plus, his dreams kind of rubbed off on her sometimes, though she'd never admit it.

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Willjan - Thread List

Postby Willjan on July 27th, 2020, 1:21 pm

Thread List

Summer 520

None yet

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