OOC Info The Riverfall Request Thread For Jobs, Wages and Seasonal XP

Please request anything you need set up by an ST within this thread.

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The Riverfall Request Thread For Jobs, Wages and Seasonal XP

Postby Gossamer on February 8th, 2016, 10:07 am


Job Requests!

I can easily set you up with a job in Riverfall. Please just let me know a few relevant things though. Who do you want to work for? What do you want to do? What skill are you wanting to get paid based on and what level is it at? There's even a handy form!

Relevant Skills:
Preferred Employment:
Expected Stay In Riverfall:

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    [b]Relevant Skills: [/b]
    [b]Preferred Employment:[/b]
    [b]Expected Stay In Riverfall:[/b][/box]

Wage Requests!

I will gladly pay wages at any time you complete your job requirement threads. In Riverfall, those threads consist of two threads of at least 2,500 words total. You can write more words or threads than that, of course, but the 5,000 word minimum is required to earn a wage. Once you have them completed (they don't have to be graded) fill out the form below and post it here for payment.

Name: (full name on your account)
Link to Character Sheet:
Job Title:
Wage: How much do you make?
Job Threads (must be 2,500 words a piece):
  • Link to first thread (Word Count)
  • Link to second thread (Word Count)

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[box=400,#ffe09d,black,black][left][b]Name[/b]: (full name on your account)
[b]Link to Character Sheet[/b]:
[b]Job Title[/b]:
[b]Wage[/b]:  How much do you make?
[b]Job Threads (must be 2,500 words a piece)[/b]:
[*] Link to first thread (Word Count)
[*] Link to second thread (Word Count)[/list][/left][/box]

Seasonal Requests!

Seasonal Experience is confusing! Don't let it be. In Mizahar, Player Characters can also be awarded Seasonal Experience Awards based on their job or lifestyle. Seasonal Experience is awarded at a rate of 1 XP per each month of a season for a total of 3 XP. A bonus of 1 XP can be awarded for 'above and beyond' threading wherein a player character really roleplays their profession as a backdrop for their lifestyles and is incredibly active during that season. The most seasonal experience a person can be awarded is 4 XP. Seasonal Experience Awards need to be added to a Player Character's Storyteller Secrets thread and thus must be awarded by a Domain Storyteller who has access to these threads. Seasonal Experience Awards should not be awarded for threads in which the character roleplays their job and has already been awarded XP in their field.

Note: Seasonal Experience Threads CANNOT be the threads you turned in for your job and CANNOT be threads you earned XP for in the same skill you use for your job.

example :
Let's use the jewelcrafter example, considering that he or she's an easy one to go by. The Jewelcrafter, we'll call him Gem (no pun intended), does certain threads all season which qualify him not only for his wage but grants him XP in Jewelcrafting. Let's say he makes a locket in one thread, drills pearls out in another to make a pearl necklace, cuts a flawless emerald in another thread, and does three or four other commission piece threads for folks. In each of these threads, he's awarded Jewelcrafting XP.

Those threads don't count for seasonal XP. Why? You're just increasing his XP Award and in some cases doubling thread awards for which he's already got Jewelcrafting XP.

What does count? Say he does threads where he talks about his job, goes and gathers stones for his job, sets up trading deals for his job, researches the types of stones and their meanings, or takes his girlfriend to the shop to dress her in diamonds to give her a thrill and perhaps get lucky. These are threads where Gem uses his job as a backdrop for other threads: research, social, romance, and so on. But he's not getting XP for being a jewelcrafter from them. It's a reward for him being in character and him using his job to backdrop other threads. For this type of threading, a Domain Storyteller should award the full 3 XP plus 1 bonus XP for above and beyond for a total of 4 XP.

Seasonal Experience Skill:
Points You Think You've Earned:
Threads Relevant:
  • Link to thread (Word Count)
  • Link to thread (Word Count)
  • Link to thread (Word Count)
  • Link to thread (Word Count)
  • Link to thread (Word Count)

Code: Select all
[b]Seasonal Experience Skill:[/b]
[b]Points You Think You've Earned:[/b]
[b]Threads Relevant:[/b]
[list][*]  Link to thread (Word Count)
[*]  Link to thread (Word Count)
[*]  Link to thread (Word Count)
[*]  Link to thread (Word Count)
[*]  Link to thread (Word Count)

Anything Else You Need?

Please feel free to post in this thread if you need anything else. These could be personal NPCs, notes that you are getting a raise because of skills going up, or just about anything at all. I will make sure we get all your needs addressed quickly.


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The Riverfall Request Thread For Jobs, Wages and Seasonal XP

Postby Martini Elwood on September 6th, 2018, 11:58 am

Name: Martini Elwood
Link to Character Sheet: CS
Season: Summer, 518
Job Title: Artist
Wage: 6GM
Job Threads (must be 2,500 words a piece):
3/3 Threads
If you are grading a thread I participated in I'd love feedback or improvement notes on the writing itself <3
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The Riverfall Request Thread For Jobs, Wages and Seasonal XP

Postby Daninna Kvalheim on September 6th, 2020, 11:28 am

Fall 520 A.V

Name: Daninna Kvalheim
Race: Drykas
Age: 27
Relevant Skills: Battleaxe and Horse Riding
Preferred Employment: Patrol or guard duty, or something of the sort
Expected Stay In Riverfall: A season, at least
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