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Kagerou Taira

Postby Kagerou on March 28th, 2021, 11:17 pm

Kagerou Taira


Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Birthday: 78th of Winter 498 AV
Birthplace: Sunberth


Kagerou stood shorter than most of the humans, reaching only up to a height of 5’3”. His body is slick, allowing him to move more agilely with similarly slender arms and legs. His sunbaked leathery skin shows a rusty brown hue under the summer’s sun with uneven taupe spots scattered across his body like blurs. His face consisted of a high and broad forehead, hollow cheeks and protruding narrowed chin. His eyes are sharp, accented by amber irises and bushy eyebrows. He has short thin strands of coal black hair, that's usually just styled freely.

Character Concept

Kagerou liked living a simple, carefree life as not to attract much attention to everyone around him. He neither excels nor acts very poorly when assigned tasks at random jobs he accepts from time to time to earn for a living. He usually secludes himself from other companies but would try his best to respond accordingly when being talked to. His actions can be generally described as simple and tactful, enabling him to simply pass by the general public unnoticed.

Deep inside him however, is a dormant monster that thirsts for revenge. His general way of living is mostly driven by his urge to get his revenge back to a city that murdered his family and friends. As such, he secretly trains himself and seeks for some way to gather accomplices that might help him on his quest.

Character History

Kagerou was born in the free city of Sunberth, within Robern’s Reaches. His family was most loved by everyone around them for their hospitality and caring nature in spite of the city’s cruel nature. As such, they have lived in peace until such time when their secret practice of magic was finally discovered by the Daggerhand syndicate.

The syndicate, who had always feared their influence among most of the people of the city, wasted no time on giving them their doom the moment they had the chance. Revealing their magical practices to the mass, the syndicate was successful in having the mass of Sunberth rally against his family. His home was burned, parents and siblings mercilessly murdered by people that they once selflessly served.

Luckily, Kagerou himself was not in the settlement itself thanks to his mischievous nature. Yet, he was unlucky enough to witness the murder of his own family from a distance as he secretly walked his way back after his father’s set curfew time. Fearing for his own demise, the boy quickly ran out of the city to wherever his feet may lead him to survive. Since then, he vowed to avenge his family from the city who mercilessly put an end to their lives.


Fluent Language: Common


Please list skills in alphabetical order by competency

Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Bowing & Fletching 5 SP 5 Novice
Hunting 15 SP 15 Novice
Short Bow 15 SP 15 Novice
Wilderness Survival: Forest, Mountain 15 SP + 15 RB 30 Competent


Helpful Lores:

Hunting: Snare Making - Small Game
Wilderness Survival: Building a Fire


1 Set of Clothing
-Simple Shirt
-Simple Pants
-Simple Undergarments
-Simple Cloak
-Simple Boots
1 Waterskin
1 Backpack which contains:
-Comb (Wood)
-Brush (Wood)
-Balanced Rations (1 Week's worth)
-1 eating knife
-Flint & Steel
1 Archery Glove
1 Archer's Arm Guard
2 Quivers
60 Shortbow Arrows
1 Hunter's/Trapper's Toolkit
-Hunter's Knife
-A Roll of Thin Rope for making simple traps
-A Handful of Vials containing common animal scents (rabbit, deer)
-preserving kit
-2 tiny animal snare
-1 small animal snare
-1 10 square foot camouflage tarp
498 Gold Mizas 6 Copper Mizas


Kagerou has always kept the first short bow he had when his father first taught him about hunting. It was but a crude wooden bow but etched with their family’s symbol. Along with the bow is a leather bow case especially hand woved by his father.


Location: Zeltiva

House: Temporary Room at World’s End Grotto


Purchase Cost Total
Starting +600 GM 600 GM
Shortbow Arrows (60) -3 GM 597 GM
2 Quiver -40 GM 557 GM
1 Archery Glove -1 GM 556 GM
1 Archer's Arm Guard -1 GM 555 GM
Map, City (Zeltiva) -2 GM 553 GM
Toolkit, Hunters/Trapper's -25 GM 528 GM
Toolkit, Bowyer/Fletcher's -20 GM 508 GM
World End's Grotto Inn (28th - 47th of Spring) -10 GM 498 GM
World End's Grotto Tavern Smoked fish wrapped in kelp (35th of Spring) -1 SM 497 GM 9 SM
World End's Grotto Tavern Kelp Beer, Mug (35th of Spring) -4 CM 497 GM 8 SM 6 CM
Caspian's Tip (35th of Spring) +2 SM 498 GM 6 CM
World End's Grotto Inn (48th - 91th of Spring) -22 GM 476 GM 6 CM
World End's Grotto Inn (1st - 91th of Summer) -45 GM 5 SM 430 GM 5 SM 6 CM
World End's Grotto Inn (1st - 91th of Fall) -45 GM 5 SM 385 GM 6 CM
World End's Grotto Inn (1st - 92th of Winter) -46 GM 339 GM 6 CM

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