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Elias Frostfawn

Postby Elias Frostfawn on June 1st, 2021, 2:31 pm

Name: Elias Frostfawn
Race: Vantha
Gender: Male
DoB: 24th of Winter 499 AV
PoB: Avanthal
Location: Syka
Age: 22
Height: 5 ft 8 in
Weight 170 lbs
Housing: The Bungalows (Renting)
Likes: Birds, archery, stories
Dislikes: Crowds, trouble, animal cruelty


Second picture (more lifelike): Image

When not being seen by others Elias has jet black hair streaked with bright violet that almost reaches his shoulders and his eyes turn a light green when he rests or is at his calmest. He also has light almond colored skin and a bit overgrown facial hair. When he does go outside or if he anticipates seeing people he will use the magic of morphing in order to hide his violet streaks and to keep his eyes the light shade of green they must remain. Sometimes he will deploy disguise makeup in order to shade the area around his eyes as well as to not draw attention to them, but he mostly relies on the morphing as he feels it is his best bet to remain unnoticed. He will rarely meet someone's gaze, preferring to look down or to the left of someone when talking to them but he always try to never meet their gaze with his. Elias will often try to control his emotions around others but this more than often fails, the morphing comes in handy when his emotions get the better of him. He has an athletic build with some musculature around his shoulders and forearms but Elias won't be winning any body building competitions any time soon. He is built more for dexterity and speed rather than raw strength. His voice is often halting, he can come off as reclusive but that is only because for years he has spent his time away from people in the wilderness, getting by just barely in the dangerous wilds of Mizahar with a little help from friends he made in those dark frightening places. He may seem reclusive but he is desperate to make friends and talk to people, he just doesn't seem to know how anymore. He has several scars on his face one above his right eye and ove on his left cheek. He received these from his time in the wilds.

Elias is most often subdued. He used to have fun and his smile was bright and without care but that was before the Winter of 516 AV. For years now, almost 5, he has been fighting for survival barely scrapping by and getting out of the direst of situations. Because of all this he does not socialize very well although that is exactly why he has left the wilds. He knows he is hunted and the price on his head, but he misses people enough that he no longer cares. Life isn't worth living in the wilds. He misses stories and laughter and wants to regain the feel of society once again. He will often not meet peoples gaze and his voice is halting as if he isn't used to talking to people and his knowledge about social etiquette may be lacking severely. He is friendly but cautious about talking about himself. It's hard thinking of your false identity and the backstory you made up for yourself. He has practiced his false identity many times though, so he may falter but he thinks he is confident enough to pull it off. For lack of better terms Elias will come off as shy or or awkward but more than anything he just wants to connect with people.

Jana and Fenic Frostfawn were the sweetest parents Elias could ask for. It's been five years since he's seen either of them and he misses them dearly. He doesn't even know if they're still alive. Jana was a talented artist, she could work miracles with ice and wood alike and loved to tend to the animals around the Frostfawn hold. Elias supposes that is where he got his love of animals from. Her favorites were birds. She would always say, "They seem to have such freedom. What a wonder it must be to fly like they do." Her absolute favorite birds were owls and she would often take Elias and her favorite owl, Kerrigan, to train the owl to hunt for prey. The snowy owl was majestic to say the least as he and his mother would spend hours in Avanthal training Kerrigan to hunt for prey on command, come back on command, and perch on command among other things.

Fenic was a skillful hunter and would sometimes take Elias out to shoot with a shortbow. His father's bow was a beautiful weapon made of black wood that had animal, birds, and vines carved into it intricately. Elias was certainly closer to his mother but his father was a salt of the earth type and Elias both respected and looked up to his father for the way he respected animals, his skills with a bow as well as his hunting skills, and the way he respected people and communicated with them. He seemed to command respect and authority. Elias was always envious of that talent, a talent he did not seem to inherit.

Elias was the fourth child of Jana and Fenic Frostfawn. His oldest sister, Graceline, was already on her 13th Winter when Elias was born. She was almost like a second mother, the age gap was so vast that she took care of Elias as much as Jana and Fenic did. He remembers her flute playing more than anything. She would always accompany a story around the Frostfawn hold with light flute music that seemed to both enhance the story and not intrude upon it. Life back then was sweet, good, warm even if Avanthal was bone chillingly cold. Elias was about to come of age and receive his Ice reaving mark just like the other members of his hold when the worst thing possible could have happened. Suddenly and seemingly without reason Morwen had not made her trek across Mizahar to bring Winter to the world. More than that, and shortly after, people came to Avanthal demanding blood. Not just Morwen's but her followers as well. Anyone with the mark was as good as dead, and 1000 gold mizas was enough to paint the icy city red with the blood of his friends and hold members, and at least one of his siblings. Elias watched as his older sister, not three years older than he was, get butchered by a man with a pure white pupil less eye. He will never forget the horrifyingly look on the mans face, as he drove a longsword into Lee'ena's chest and took her body off for blood money. It's a haze of images after that. He remembers being ushered off by someone. His father? Maybe. He does remember the man pushing a bow and quiver into his arms, his father's bow. He remembers sitting in the snow watching as people ran from Avanthal. He remembers walking and walking and passing out in the snow. He remembers waking up to a fire and a familiar woman with antlers on her head and strange ornaments hanging off them. Her name was An'un Dui but she preferred to be called Treesinger. She was a friend to the Frostfawn hold and had known Elias since he was merely a baby. She had the loveliest voice and told Elias he was safe. He fell asleep by her fire that night and over the next five years they took care of each other.

She had radiant red hair she often wore in a braid down her back but sometimes would just let hang loose. It was often entangled with leaves and branches from the forest but she never seemed to mind that. Her eyes were almost the exact color of her hair. She told Elias that she needed help to survive in the wilderness but over the years Elias found that to be a foolish notion. She had an uncanny ability to avoid danger in the wilds of Taldera and more than once it seemed she could speak to the wolves and creatures that threatened them almost daily. That is in fact how she said she found Elias, about to get eaten by dire wolves before she came along and scared them off. She told the wolves he was poisonous she later admitted. Elias didn't know for sure if she was kidding or off her mind. Maybe both. An'un Dui never seemed to have all her marbles together. She was the only company he had for years and she was as comfortable talking to beasts or possibly herself as she was with Elias. Forest singer taught him a lot about a great many things. She worshipped a goddess he had not heard of, Caiyha. She taught him about the wilds of Taldera. She taught him how to survive. After some time in the wilds he had an arguement with An'un Dui. He didn't want to live in the wilds any longer and she brought up the fact he would be dead on his own. Elias begged her to come into society with him. She shook her head and said her place was in the tundras, the forests, the oceans. She didn't belong in society. She told him to give it some time. She would teach him how to conceal himself among people, "If you're going to go amongst others you can't have that hair and those eyes flashing about". She taught him how to disguise himself with things she found in the Kalea wilderness, mostly mud and berries she mixed up. She also taught him a bit of magic but she warned him it could be very dangerous, "never try anything but the simplest transformations". She only taught him enough to stabilize his eye color and conceal his violet streaks in his hair. She taught him a bit about how to survive in a tropical climate, "they won't be looking for a snow urchin on the beach that's for sure" he remembers her saying. Finally she told him she was going to take him to the outskirts of Syka. When asked why she told him a squirrel told her one of his family was among the beach dwellers. She didn't or couldn't say who, and Elias still isn't sure whether he believes her. The prospect of finding one of his long lost family in Syka and the prospect of finally meeting new people again was to enticing a concept in and of itself and he happily agreed to living in Syka, at least for now. It took some convincing and An'un Dui made no promises she would stay, but she agreed to come to Syka with him at least for the time being.

An'un Dui
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Elias Frostfawn (WIP)

Postby Elias Frostfawn on June 1st, 2021, 2:48 pm



Nari (used to trade with the people of WInd Reach and picked up some words)

Skills & Lores
Skill Experience tracker Total experience
Disguise 10SP 10
Falconry 5SP 5
Fletching 5 SP 5
Hunting 10SP 10
Storytelling 10RB 10
Weapon: Shortbow 10SP 10
Wilderness Survival(Biome: Arctic) 10SP 10

Skill Experience tracker Total experience



Lore (SP) - Religion: Morwen
Lore (SP) - Wilderness Survival: How to Build a Fire


Equipment & Posessions:
  • 1 set of clothing:
    • SImple pants
    • Cotton shirt
    • Simple undergarments
    • A pair of simple boots
    • Simple Blue Cloak
[*]1 waterskin
[*] 1 blue quiver
[*] 100 shortbow arrows
[*]1 backpack, containing:
  • 1 set of toiletries (wooden comb, brush, soap)
  • Food for a week
  • 1 eating knife
  • Flint and steel
  • (Family heirloom) A bow made of black wood with animals, birds, and vines carved into it's wood intricately. (50GM)
  • 100 shortbow arrows
  • Blue quiver
  • Blue hood
  • 5 torches

OOC note:
Transaction Credit (+) Debit (-) Running total
Starting money 100GM 0 100GM
Forfeited housing 500GM 0 600GM
Shortbow Arrows (100) 0 5GM 595GM
Blue Quiver 0 20 GM 575GM
Blue hood 0 5CM 574GM, 95 CM
5 Torches 0 10 CM 574 GM, 85 CM
Living Expenses Summer 521 0 135 GM 439 GM, 85 CM

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