Isette - Kelvic

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Isette - Kelvic

Postby Isette on March 5th, 2011, 10:48 am



Basic Information

Race: Kelvic Skogkatt
Birthday & Age : 35th Fall 508 AV / Two Years
Gender: Female
Hometown: Lhavit


Physical Description

The Look: Isette has long, black hair that flows down to the middle of her back, framing her face like a wild mane unless she ties it back. When hit by the sun, it receives a slight red-brown tint that betrays the imperfection of the dark color. Her eyes are a yellow olive green and shaped like a cats. Isette is pale skinned with a graceful body. She stands at 5’4 and weighs 120 pounds.
The Style: Although she enjoys long, flowing gowns, they really aren’t all that useful to her. First of all, they cost money. She doesn’t have a lot of that. Second, she tends to lose her clothes often. Because of this, Isette’s style tends to include any free clothing she can get her hands on, though she does try her best to keep track of a cloak at the very least. She likes warm things.
The Demeanor: There is something melancholy about Isette when you first look at her. Despite her wide eyed curiosity and her determination to be optimistic, she can’t fully shake the loneliness from her presence. She smiles often but rarely laughs. Her eyes often show a swirling mixture of emotions. Isette has a strikingly emotional face and while she may attempt to hide behind a mask of apathy she tends to show far more than she thinks.
The Catch: The most striking thing about Isette’s physical appearance is her absolute honesty. Everything she feels is displayed for all to see. It may take practice for people to learn how to read her subtle body language, but her eyes will always show some sort of intense emotional communication. Most commonly, her eyes betray feelings of curiosity, hopefulness, loneliness, and fear.


Character Concept

The Stray: Isette belongs to no one. She has no family, no friends, and few acquaintances. Her personal belongings are few and her “permanent” residence is just a place for her to escape the rain. She is a loner, forced to rely on only herself; a wanderer who consistently finds herself sleeping under another roof. Nothing in her life is truly permanent. Isette has a life free from attachments.
The Predator: Her independence was forced upon her, but she accepts it without question. Isette has it fixed in her head that she is meant to be alone and to fend for herself. This belief inspired a deep rooted sense of autonomy within her. She is stubborn and fierce in the face of adversity. She hates admitting to vulnerability and never wants to appear weak or helpless. Isette is a survivor and she will always keep going.
The Prey: So why is she so lonely? Deep in her subconscious mind, Isette yearns for companionship. She doesn’t like going to sleep along at night. She aches for warmth. The truth is, she wants a home and a place to belong. Isette learned from an early age that she doesn’t deserve such things, but that doesn’t keep her from wanting it. And it is this desire that makes her too open to trust.
The Restless: The combination of predator and prey instills a dark restlessness that consumes her being. The prey in her refuses to accept her loneliness. The predator responds by hunting for her subconscious desires, so she is never able to stay in the same place for too long. Without even realizing it, the little nomad is searching for a place to call home. With each passing day her wanderlust grows stronger and stronger, forcing her to search farther and farther away.


Character History

The Conception: Veyu and Chaza Tsiete were both scholars within Lhavit and both held latent Kelvic blood. Veyu had no idea that this was so, but Chaza had mapped her own genealogy quite well. It was knowledge she believed her husband was better off not knowing. She was ashamed to be related to a creature meant to serve and it didn’t matter anyway. What were the chances of them producing a Kelvic offspring?
The Kittenhood: Shaychi Tsiete was indeed born a Kelvic, much to her mother’s horror. Veyu was angry at his wife’s betrayal but tried to forgive her. So what if their daughter was different? Surely they could work around that. The two tried hard to teach their daughter languages, to read and to write, but eventually they had to accept the truth. Their daughter was not stupid, but reading and writing was not something she would ever excel in.
The Cathood: Shaychi banished herself from her own family. She could see the shame she brought to her parents and heavily resented it. So one evening, she fled. Shaychi took the name Isette, an anagram of her family’s last name, and never looked back. It was for the best, she thought. Her parents were miserable with such a stupid daughter. Isette would give them both the peace she knew they wanted.
The Present: Isette has adapted to life on her own. She knows her place and dutifully remains within it. For money, she is not above selling her body to travelers and others who want it. If necessary, she will steal, though her attempts tend to be on the clumsy side. Isette can hunt her own food and lives primarily off of that. After dealing with a certain sort of “customer” she will occasionally splurge to buy herself a special treat.



ImageHunting: 26: 10 racial, 10 starting
Tracking: 22: 20 starting
Trapping: 10: 10 starting
Larceny: 13: 10 starting
Acrobatics: 2
Running: 4
Teaching: 2
Investigation: 3
Deception: 1
Interrogation: 3
Observation: 1
Unarmed Combat: 1
Stealth: 2
Acting: 3
Climbing: 4
ImageLocal Fauna (Lhavit)
Local Geography (Lhavit)
Being Chased
Limited Understanding of Common
Being Kissed
Demanding Payment for Your Body
Foreigners are Weird
Avoiding Being Touched
Soren Thundersong
Concealing Anxiety (Basic)
Jiisate/Jiina Xi (Basic)
Beginnings of a Bond: Jiina
People Watching
Saving A Kitten
Scavenging Advice
The Purposes Of A 'Meow'
Tao Kuroya (Partial)
Miruku (Basic)
Shifting As A Form Of Defense
He Comes In Peez
Modeling For Hyperactive Men
Memories In The Shooting Star Inn
Getting Drunk For The First Time
Overemotional Men
A Year Alone
Guarded Around Strangers
Difference Between Human And Feline Eyes
Do Not Mess With The Twilight Family
Playing Your Part
Inviting Him Into Your Home
Making A Human Comfortable With A Kelvic
A Hunter Listens
What Was That?: Just A Leaf
Curiosity Killed The Cat
Badger, Badger, Badger...!
The Indomitable Spirit Of A Hunter
A Mother's Wrath
Fear Is A Hunter's Friend
Nothing Tastes Better Than A Meal Earned
Instinct Is Easy; Thinking Is Hard
Caught Red Handed
A Kelvic's Place
A Cornered Animal Is A Dangerous Animal
Saved By The Bell (Te Jiina Bell)
ImageFeline (Fluent)
Lhavitian (Basic)
Common (Basic)
Jiina: Oh, I am angry. I have just about had it with Lhavit and its people. All of them. How dare they try and use me. I am not a toy. I am more than what they know. And one day I will show them. Show all of them. Show her. Jiina. She is a stupid woman. She think she can walk all over people just because the Twilight family adopted her. Well, she is wrong. Jiina is beneath me. I feel contemptuous of her and that is not something I usually feel for someone. I thought that maybe…But no, it was a foolish thought and I will not relive it.

Soren Thundersong: He was a strange man. He seems indecisive and conflicted, but was nice enough. He gave me food, money, and bought me a dress. I do not like his fox. The creature chased me around, but Soren Thundersong was nice enough to send the animal away. He taught me a lot of new words in Common, which is wonderful. I love learning. But he also tried to kiss me, which I did not like. He is not the first person to pay for an intimate touch, but I generally do not socialize with the men who use me. Soren Thundersong; friend or customer?

Tao:A very nice man with a very nice cat. At first, he was nothing more than another person to watch. But now, I’d like to think that if I saw him again I would be able to say hello and it wouldn’t be awkward. I really appreciate the bond he had with his cat friend, Miruku. He seemed genuinely interested in her well being. It was sweet to watch. And, I admit, I am a little jealous of that. It’s good that the young cat has such a seemingly caring man to look out for her. I hope I can one day be so lucky.

Utsu:Very strange. I do not like his dogs. They are gross and smell bad. My meeting with Utsu was not entirely bad. In fact, it started out rather good. But in the end, I made him cry and things got really awkward. He bought me things, which was nice, and even paid for me to eat. Getting drunk was a very bad decision, though. I do not trust Utsu and I don’t think I want to see him again, but if we bump into each other I will act nice. I really do appreciate the clothing, so for that he may stay on my good side.

Dayn:Oh, I like Dayn. He is very friendly and has a positive attitude. No matter what happened, he seemed to be able to smile. I bet he always has a smile ready even when things are really bad. It’s no surprise then that he’s the first person I have ever let take shelter in my home. There is something about him that I instinctively like, though he is a ruffian and is not unlike other men in his pursuits. He and I, we could be friends. I would like to learn more about the foreigner. And I think (hope) that the feeling is mutual.


Equipment and Possessions

+Blue Cloak
+White Dress
+Green Dress
+Blue Dress
+Beige Skirt
+Green Blouse
+Fur Hat
+Brown Sandals
+White Chemise
+Flint and Steel
+Eating Knife
Pretty Things
+Glass Pendant
+Shamrock Pendant



Total = 0
+100 GM: Starting Package
Traded 100 GM for 100 Kino
+10 GM: Gift from Soren Thundersong
- 100 Kino and 10 GM: Stolen


Thread List


+Pirates! (50th Fall, 509 A.V.):
In progress.
+Fancy Meeting You Here! (35th Fall, 510 A.V.):
XP: Stealth +2, Acting +2
Lore: A Year Alone, Guarded Around Strangers, Difference Between Human And Feline Eyes, Do Not Mess With The Twilight Family, Playing Your Part, Inviting Him Into Your Home, Making A Human Comfortable With A Kelvic

+The Mighty Hunter (1st Spring, 511 A.V.):
XP: Hunting +5, Climbing +4
Lore: A Hunter Listens, What Was That?: Just A Leaf, Curiosity Killed The Cat, Badger Badger Badger...!, The Indomitable Spirit Of A Hunter, A Mother's Wrath, Fear Is A Hunter's Friend, Nothing Tastes Better Than A Meal Earned

+Roadblock (2nd Spring, 511 A.V.):
In progress.
+Hunting Small Game (5th Spring, 511 A.V.):
XP: Unarmed Combat +1, Acrobatics +1
Lore: Shifting As A Form Of Defense, He Comes In Peez, Modelling For Hyperactive Men, Memories in the Shooting Star Inn, Getting Drunk for the First Time, Overemotional Men
Other: Blue Dress, Beige Skirt, Green Blouse, Fur Hat

+At the Back of the Room (6th Spring, 511 A.V.):
XP: Investigation +3, Running +1, Deception +1, Hunting +1, Interrogation +3
Lore: Concealing Anxiety (basic), "Jiisate"/Jiina Xi (basic), Beginnings of a Bond: Jiina

+It Takes a Thief (11th Spring, 511 A.V.):
XP: Larceny +3, Acting +1
Lore: Instinct Is Easy; Thinking Is Hard, Caught Red Handed, A Kelvic's Place, A Cornered Animal Is A Dangerous Animal, Manipulated, Saved By The Bell (Te Jiina Bell)
Other: Shamrock Pendant

+The Fox and the Cat (13th Spring, 511 A.V.):
XP: +1 Tracking, +1 Acrobatics, +1 Running, +2 Teaching
Lore: Being chased, Limited understanding of Common, Common (Basic), Being kissed, Demanding payment for your body, Foreigners are weird, Avoiding being touched, Soren Thundersong
Other: Green Dress
Ledger: +10 GM

+Partners in Crime (32nd Spring, 511 A.V.):
XP: +2 Running, +1 Tracking, +1 Observation
Lore: People Watching, Saving A Kitten, Scavenging Advice, Altrusim, The Purposes of a 'Meow', Tao Kuroya (Partial), Miruku (Basic)
Ledger: - 100 Kino, 10 GM
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