[Dream] Who will I be?

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Herein lies the realm of dreams, where dreamers who are scattered all over the world in the physical can come together in the mysterious world of dreams. Remember, unless one is a Dreamwalker, there is no control over dreams. Ever. Anything can happen, and by threading a dream, you are subject to whomever can walk dreams and the whims of Storytellers.

[Dream] Who will I be?

Postby Argillaceous on April 22nd, 2011, 7:43 pm

The sun was scorching overhead, and there was no shade to be found. It seemed the very sun watched him, heating him to a level beyond any he had ever experienced. He did not sweat. He could not sweat. The only thing he could do was bake, so he did. He hardened and stiffened and ossified and petrified, until all that was left was a brittle clay statue baking in the sun. But he wasn't dead. Not even in pain. Just stuck. Frozen to the ground not by a chill, but by a heat. Never moving, never shifting, stuck, unfinished and incompleted, but forever stuck, unable to move in any direction at all.

Let me be ground into dust He prayed, screaming in his mind, but totally frozen in body. Even then I would have some freedom of body!But he was not to be granted even the release of death. Instead, he remained. Unbroken. Immortal in a sense, but never had he scorned the idea so passionately as now. I will never be finished he realized with a mental sob, the only emotion he could show I will be forever incomplete, naught but a crude unpolished figurine roasting in the sun...
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