[Location] The Opal Clinic

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[Location] The Opal Clinic

Postby Tabarnac on July 5th, 2011, 12:06 am


Upon his arrival in Denval, the mysterious healer, Cian Noc, petitioned the Captain to allow him to renovate an unused domicile into a free clinic for the Opal Order, of which he was a member. As the local region of Kalea is dangerous, and no less the sea upon which much of the Denvali diet and livelihood is based, there are always a fair number of injured or sick people. Perched higher on the rocky cliffs of the Denvali coast, the clinic is still easily accessible from town, but high enough to catch some of the less humid breezes that make recovery from respiratory illness more difficult.

The building used to be an outpost for the guard, and as such was equipped with a stable for mountain ponies, stronger walls than most, and other amenities less necessary for those in the greater safety of the settlement proper. With help from the local populace, Cian reworked it into a fine retreat for the ill and recuperating.

Upon entering, there is a sort of an intake office, with a room for emergency triage just through a door. Cian normally has an apprentice or a volunteer stationed there while he sees to the larger issues at hand. The kitchens are in the back, and let out onto a decent herb and vegetable garden with a trail that leads into a small bit of an orchard. Special meals to aid in recovery are created here. There are a few private rooms and a larger ward, but the smaller third story is where he lives. Parts of it are oddly shaped due to the roof, having been an attic at one point that was expanded into an outright third floor. He is most proud of his little balcony where betimes he stargazes with some lucky thing, and many have wondered aloud of a cup of degtine at the Stranger's Welcome whether he intended to father the next generation of Denval all by himself.

NPCs :
Cian NocImage

Botany Expert
Dentistry Competent
Forgery Competent
Gardening Competent
Herbalism Master
Intelligence Competent
Larceny Competent
Leadership Competent
Massage Competent
Medicine Master
Persuasion Competent
Philtering Expert
Politics Expert
Poison Expert
Riding Competent
Teaching Expert
Unarmed Combat Competent

Gnosis: Rak'keli [3]; Yahal [2]; Bala [1]

Languages: Arumenic, Common, Denvali, Kontinese, Lhatvian, Nari, Shiber, Vani

Cian Noc is a Priest of Rak'keli who was deposited in Denval during the summer of 504 A.V. by a pirate ship called The Bright-Eyed Mariner. He was a student at the Opal Temple, spat as a young man in his twenties from winter's teeth into Mura in the year 499 A.V. only to depart with full Opal Order Healer's rank within two years. While friendly and outgoing, it was a rare person even among his fellow students and later colleagues who was ever allowed close enough to learn the mysteries of Cian's past. He harked from somewhere in the south and was possessed of a surprisingly sharp intellect. Blessed by the goddess of healing thrice over, however, no one questioned the integrity of his devotion despite his refusal to discuss details of his past.

With unruly chestnut hair and caramel eyes ringed in soot, he is amiable and trademarked by a sneaky, lynx smile. The community of Denval welcomed him with opened arms, happy to have the service of an Opal Order healer willing to set down roots in their secluded city. The clinic he runs is free to all, stranger or citizen, human or otherwise, and both it and Cian are largely supported by the generosity of the Denvali and the donations of grateful patients. If his fingers are sometimes fast at picking pockets or catching the eye of an attractive love interest, then they are faster in surgery and never, never with an intention to harm.

Rarely is he found dressed in the white robes of his calling, preferring more casual clothing that he claims stain less easily. Considering the amount of time he spends elbows deep in blood and gardening soil, this is hardly commented upon.

Despite his occasionally unorthodox manner and curious choice of locale, he is a bonafide medical genius who has never faltered in his determination to heal bodies, minds and souls.

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