The Eyktol Region (Closed)

The southernmost region of Mizahar, Eyktol is a burning desert dotted with oases and travel routes fraught with danger.

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  • Wadrass (Closed)
    The center of the Benshira world, Wadrass is a small city built around a sacred oasis where Benshira tribes gather to trade and talk.
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  • Ahnatep (Closed)
    A half-collapsed city of alabaster and gold fiercely governed by Eypharians. Even partially ruined, it is the crown of the desert and a worthy testament to old glories and rising powers.
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  • Malrion (Closed)
    Located in the northwest region of Eyktol, Malrion is surrounded by a barren wasteland. Large sheets of exposed bedrock and sandstone stretch out for miles around the city. The dry, rocky ground is littered with stones. Cactus grow in all shapes and sizes and are both a boon and deadly. Founded and ruled by a self-proclaimed, Magelord, this is a city to challenge all.
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  • Hai (Closed)
    An underground city hewn from the stone and blighted by divine powers in the Valterrian. Untouched treasures glimmer in Hai's dark grottos and water flows freely, making a glorious coffin for Mizahar's worst criminals and reviled lepers.
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  • The Burning Lands (Closed)
    The massive stretch of desert that overwhelms Eyktol. Here, a man's water is worth more than his life, and the burying sands are the unfortunate's mute undertaker.
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