[Marnie] When all that remains are the memories.

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[Marnie] When all that remains are the memories.

Postby Marnie on May 26th, 2011, 12:34 am

The day she closed the doors on Love.

Cool and crisp like ice, the wind whipped through the trees which were all over campus. Winter was coming soon, but only those who were lonely would care, because it would be a long winter. As the bell to the school house started to ring, most of the students rushed inside scrambling to their classes so that they were not tardy, however Marnie and Rex lingered on the steps just outside talking, like they did every day since they decided to be together.Rex stood with his back against the railing of the steps as Marnie stood an inch from him, with a smile on her face.
She was happy because Rex had finally asked her to be his. “Rex, do you love me?” She asked hoping that he would say yes. As she got her question out, a lingering female ascended the steps to enter the school. Marnie didn’t notice Rex’s eyes leave her as she waited for him to respond. After a moment and the one remaining female stepped inside the school, Rex finally turned his attention back to Marnie. “Huh. Oh.Yeah babe, you know it.” He tried to sound cool as his words began to spin from his lips like a web of lies. Marnie nodded lightly to Rex before kissing his cheek and heading inside.

Later that afternoon at lunch:
It was time for second lunch. Marnie was looking forward to it, since she purposely had her schedule switched around so that she could have lunch daily with Rex. As Marnie made her way through the halls to the Cafeteria in the East hall, she heard people whispering things but she could not be exact what they were speaking of. As she stepped inside the cafeteria, before going to get her food, her eyes scanned each student, and table. Not seeing Rex she gave a shrug and decided that he was running late. After ten minutes Rex finally made his way into the cafeteria. Seeing Marnie he made his way over to her, pulling his chair close to hers. Marnie couldn’t help but catch the scent of another perfume while leaning into Rex to give him a hug. As she pulled from the hug she decided that she should not be too alarmed, after all, he did love her, right?

That night:
Marnie was sitting at her desk in her room doing her nightly homework. She noticed the back-light for her cell phone light up. She suddenly got all excited, thinking it would be Rex. As she picked up her phone, she checked the screen. “One new message.” While reading the message a sudden pain ripped through her. “So babe, I was thinking. We are good, but, how about we keep it on the low?” -Rex. Marnie started thinking that Rex was just kidding around, he couldn’t possibly be serious, she replied with “Yeah. Ok. Lol. we can so do that. I am going to bed, see you tomorrow at school. Love ya, night.” She waited for five minutes for a reply from Rex. After not getting one she conduced that he had gone to bed after reading her text, so she got changed into her pajamas and climbed into bed.

The next day at school:
Marnie pulled into the parking lot of the school. Having time before the bell rang today, she sat in her car for a few moments collecting her thoughts before having to deal with simple minded childish behaviors in others around her school. She put her car into park, and killed the engine. Seeing something out of the corner of her eye through the driver’s side window, she turned her head just in time to see Rex with another loving on another girl. Marnie decided that she would just be strong through the day, and force a smile. But when she got home and could be alone, she would let it all out. Throughout the day, she could hardly focus through the pain and hurt which Rex had caused her. She felt like a total fool for believing him, for ever caring for him like she had.Marnie tried to avoid him, and ignore him all through the day. While sitting in her last class of the day, she decided that she would write him a letter.

Listen. I only thought you were playing around when you sent me that text last night. But then this morning in the parking lot at school I saw you with her. Now I see you for who you really are, and? I am sorry but I just cannot be with someone like that.Please understand that I am walking away because of the pain you have caused, not because I don’t love you. So, I guess this is it. I suppose that we will see each other in passing in the hallways and all, but you needn’t say hello. You have done enough.
The one you let go,

After class, she walked out of the room and headed down the hall towards Rex’s locker. She was not expecting to see him there already, but she did. When he tried to wrap his arms around her, Marnie shoved him back, and threw the note at him. As she turned to walk away, before tears could form, she said rather loudly.“Don’t touch me, you bastard.”Marnie made her way back to the parking lot, to get into her car and drive home for the night.The hurt filled her heart more as she heard all the songs that used to make her think of him.

That night, as she sat at her desk trying to do her homework, she took her pen in hand and started to right her assignment out. ‘The War of Hearts.’ Underneath the title of her story for English, she wrote By: This is the end. Setting her pen down she moved out of her room, and down stairs towards the front door. Turning the door knob and pulling the door ajar, she slipped outside and into the street. No one saw her standing in the middle of the road...

~*~Note: No one knew how long she had loved him or wanted to be with him, except for her. Moral of this? In the end, everyone hurts, but? Death is never the answer.~*~

Another song which seems to fit this story is one by Christina Aguilera. The name of the song - You Lost Me.

Then there is this song, which could also fit with this story. Wrong Again by Martina McBride.

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