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Postby Laute on July 18th, 2011, 6:58 am


Race: Zith
Birthday & Age : 11, 27th of Fall
Gender: Male

Aditi [NPC]:
A female slave, Aditi, with short, spiky black hair and pale brown skin from a lack of sunlight. Over the course of their travels, her skin is starting to turn darker from exposure to the sun. She's shorter than him, 5 foot 2. Dressed in a simple ash-grey tunic, the only set of clothing she owns, she carries with her a sack that has all of Laute's possession and the few things she needs to survive. She is docile and calm, as her slave-upbringing has raised her to be, but over time she has started to develop a little more personality.

Her skills:
    Riding: +8
    Weaponsmithing: +7
    Cooking: +8
    Story Telling: +7

SS Thread:

Physical Description
Laute is six feet two, a little on the tall side for a Zith, weighing in at 140lbs. Covered in the silky blue-black fur his race is known for, there are thicker dark red patches on his elbows and knees. This distinctive colouring makes it a little harder for him hunt at times, as the red can be seen clearly when the moon is bright. There is a scar running down his left arm, the fur there course and thin. His eyes are a slate grey and he has long hair that matches the blue-black of his fur.
His large bat-like wings encase his body whenever he walks among humans other than his slave, their powerful muscles looking like a mantle on the top. He has no need for anything else, as his slave carries for him all his needs in a sack.

Character Concept
Rather selfish, Laute doesn’t really care for others, not even the slave who he travels with. Only speaking when he wants, his slave has learned to respond to his silent commands. Slowly, he has started to adjust his attitude and pay attention to others for it is the easiest way to get what he wants.

And what he wants is food. Exotic food, to be exact. He wants to eat all sorts of different creatures and meals, so he has started to experiment with cooking at times to see what he can create. He still prefers raw flesh, though, and if he sees a new race his first thought is to find out how they taste. His obsession occasionally leads him to forget everything else if he finds something different and interesting. He doesn't like older creatures as much, preferring the younger, more tender flesh.

Laute comes from a colony that has kept humans as slaves, occasionally eating them when the urge is strong. He and his twin brother, Nimis, have been close since birth, doing nearly everything together. When they hunted, they were almost one large predator in the sky, taking down large and more fierce kills.

However, this made Nimis a little cocky and so he suggested a prey of skill far greater than they have tried before, a Drykas. Unprepared, Nimis was badly injured and then torn apart by wild animals as he tried to escape, all in front of Laute. His wings were ripped out and body crippled before dying slowly. Before he died, he made Laute promise to take care of his favourite slave, a girl named Aditi. Laute's scar is from this hunt, reminding him constantly of that night.

Shortly after, he and his slave left the colony for a while. He claims it is just his way of satisfying his curiosity.

There are a few things, over the course of his travels, that he has come to dislike. He fears the ocean, for his wings are useless there and the fur on his body drags him down. However, as he refuses to acknowledge it as fear, he masks it with immense dislike and so won't deign to eat seafood or go near coasts if he can help it. He doesn't enjoy interacting with the Konti, Charoda, or Svefra, for the smell of the sea is strong on them. As for the Akvatari, he is conflicted, for they fly just as much as they swim and for the moment he has decided against eating them.

Though he has become accustomed to the sun and travelling in it, he has a slight temper when he does so. For the most part, he chooses to travel at night and away from crowds for they make him feel stifled at times. Due to this and how he makes his slave do most of his dealings with society, he is a bit of an awkward conversationalist, prone to fits of emotion that he has yet to learn to control. Though he has no interest in fighting, he unfortunately tends to get into a lot of violent situations.

As for his slave, she is obedient enough but at times he notices a bit of cunning in her actions. He hasn't yet figured out why his brother was so attached to her, so this curiosity is main reason he remembers to take care of her.

    Detection: +14 (racial bonus = 10)
    Unarmed combat: +27
    Hunting: +24
    Tracking: +14
    Cooking: +5
    Observation: +15
    Socialization: +7
    Wrestling: +2
    Subterfuge: +1
    Interrogation: +1
    Stealth: +1
    Intimidation: +1
    Swiming: +2
    Brawling: +2
    Dagger: +2

Ariel Acrobatics
Hunting at night
Eypharian Physique (Basic)
Staying Cool
Victory Kiss
Calling a kelvic a beast
Precise Ariel Maneuvering
The Freedom of Flight
Attacking from the Sky
Flying with a Heavy Load
Zith Mating Rituals
Culture: Symenestra (Poor)
The Taste of Symenestra Blood
Drykas: Hearty Slaves
Inarta, Predisposed to Twins
Acquaintance: Sosicly Magnolia
Seivis: Viridae’s Sister
Location: the Blue Grotto
What a Moth Queen is
Acquaintance: Viridae Kabre
Recognizing Bear Tracks
Recognizing Wolf Tracks
Hunting Bears
Hunting Wolves
Providing a Distraction
Breaking a Wolf’sLegs
Hunting with a Symenestra
Saving Viridae
Killing a Wolf

He is fluent in Zithanese, has a basic understanding of Common, and only knows a few chance phrases in Pavi from when hunting near their city.

Equipment and Possessions

    1 set of clothing (an ash-grey tunic, simple sandals, and a cloak to protect from the rain, a harness)
    1 waterskin
    1 backpack with:
      1 knife carved from a human bone
      1 set of toiletries
      Food for a week
      Flint and steel
      1 large tent (4 person)
      1 large tarp
      100 ft of Rope
      2 torches
      Fishing Tackle and Hooks
      1 Deer Skin
    A riding horse (a palomino gilding)
    A full set of tack
    A large set of saddlebags
(starting package)

Family Heirloom

100 gold mizas
-10 GM for contest
-5GM (living expenses, Summer 513)

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