I remember now

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I remember now

Postby Bolden Denusk on August 12th, 2011, 9:14 pm

Summer 26th, 511 Av.

i tolde Palomino how i rememer everithin now an that i haf to go bak to my famully. shee sed i shood rite it down. hur clan tuk me in an gaiyve me everithin-fewd, horse traynin, and trusssed for sicks yeers.

my strawngist famully memeries ar how thay hayt me and only Kavala wood prawbilly smiel to see me. thay muss thingk i'm ded by now. i doant wanna leev Palomino but this is my famully duteey. i haf to go bak.

i bin free for so lawng i doant no if thay wull efen tayk me bak. but i mussed go an tel them i'm alyfe. at leest i haf Nightwind to keep me sayf. Heel be tha ownlee won to trussed me as i trussed him.

i hayt rytin.
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