[Alstroemeria's Scrapbook]The Flustered and The Flirtatious

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[Alstroemeria's Scrapbook]The Flustered and The Flirtatious

Postby Alstroemeria on October 25th, 2011, 2:21 am

You Better Throw Your Hands Up, Better Let Your Hair Down!


When we think of life, what's our perspective on it? The true question is: How to Live Life? Now, first of all... There is no specific way to live life because we are all individuals and we have different ways of expressing ourselves.

On the other hand, why bother telling people how to express yourself but then they start criticizing you about being weird? I mean, honestly your being a hypocrite! Why go saying something that you believe in, when your doing it yourself? Of course, you may not notice your own actions in all but still at least be aware of your own boundaries in life. Sometimes, these specific actions can lead to different situation in that certain individual's case. You DON"T KNOW what's going on in that persons life, neither do you want to know because it's THAT PERSONS BUSINESS. And if you don't get the emphasis I'm trying to put out here, then you must not understand. So let me rephrase: Don't let other bring you down. (Victim) Don't say things you know, but don't mean. (Bullier)

It pisses me off everyday to find children, beating up on other little children. I care about children and so do most of us, some do not. But this is just so stupid and so cruel. Most people are trying to put a stop on it, but more and more children are becoming bullied and teased.

SO. Lets start on a new page, aye?


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