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Strix - the Owl's Picture Book

Postby Strix on October 30th, 2011, 5:38 pm

Transcript of an ideas thread I posted a day or so ago:

Strix wrote:I was just wondering if there are any long-term arcs along the line of the Valterrian itself in this game? If not, this thread is for thinking up some.

I had an idea when I heard that nobody of a fourth-mark gnosis had ever betrayed their god. Guess what it is.

That's right, some guy with four marks decides to go against his god for some reason. The question is; who, when and why? How does the god deal with his best friend or possibly his lover turning against him? Who is this mystery anti-divinity? What evil could they wreak? Why are they turning against this god? Do they have good intentions?

Personally, I think this would be good because it would implicate the entirety of Mizahar in a quest to stop this feral messiah before he reaches his possibly destructive goal. We could even use it to introduce a couple of new rank-one gods, and forge alliances and bonds that would reshape the whole game - you know, shake things up a little.

Discuss, and feel free to add ideas.

Alric Wilmot wrote:That is a wonderful idea, however it would be hard to implement. For one, it takes a player one year in real time to obtain the next level of a mark. This means you wouldn't be able to execute your idea until 4 or 3 years later. In addition, the founders are still fleshing out the current pantheon, I don't think they'd really want to introduce even more.

Still, we might be able to convince the founders to introduce an NPC champion who might betray their god for one reason or another. I'm sure one of them will post if they like the idea.

As for long-term goals, many people are working towards such things for their own characters, they are bound to cross paths sooner or later.

Gossamer wrote:There are a lot of large story arcs in the game. Some are even focused in and around Wind Reach. However, it seems you might want to read up on Champions of Gods though because Champions are the living embodiment of their God and would have zero reason or will to betray them.

There are however a ton of different storyarcs that could be done in and around the game that effected the entirety of the game. Players are encouraged to start their own groups, factions, bring about their own rp, and tons of mods are always willing to help them out with storylines that can easily become epic.

Strix wrote:See, that's what I thought but if you've played WH40K (not that I'm attempting to draw a comparison) the Horus Heresy was one of the most unlikely possible outcomes of the Emperor's crusades - his own son betrayed him and essentially killed him. What do you think would happen if that happened in Mizahar? And that's why the biggest question of all is 'Why?'.

Xalet wrote:I think really the answer is just to be an antagonist in general. A good world could always use a few evil super powers creating problems, there's certainly nothing ever wrong with that. Like Syliras has enjoyed peace and tranquility for too long, what if something/one decided to try to get through those walls?

I can understand the allure of something like that, of course Syliras does have some of the most highly trained, well equipped, and well populated fighting men and women in Mizahar. Doing the divinity betrayal is a bit different though. If you want to raise up and jack a God or Goddess, sure, that's one thing, it's happened in the past. But rising up and jacking your own Deity is a bit tricky. The Gods giveth, and the Gods taketh away. Those four Gnosis marks? You don't own those, and right when you thought you were wielding the cosmic powers of the faith, your God can rip those away from you super fast.

Strix wrote:Hmmm... This will take some thought and probably some convincing of Gossamer. I just think it'd be really cool to have an epic storyline that didn't just involve the entirety of Mizahar, it affected it for aeons afterwards. Like, say a messiah of the Kelvics gathering an army and leveling a city to make room for their own. That's an idea I'm working on as well.

The sad thing is that I'm most likely breaking several canon rules even as I write this, so most of these ideas will never see the light of day.

Nex Paciscor wrote:
I understand where you are getting at, I really do. Thing is, there is set presets here, and in this wonderful place where the setting is already established, you just need to read through the lore thoroughly (something I haven't even accomplished entirely yet) and figure a way to work something truly that epic within the lovely rules of the game that keep it so beautifully realistic. You'll see many writers here have their own goals, epic in their own right, and no matter how over reaching they may seem, with a healthy dose of cleverness and determination they are in fact within reach. My own characters have their own hidden agendas, and even if they die trying to accomplish them, I know that they paved a way for a future they believed to be right, and I'm satisfied with that. If you ever need help with your own minor plots to start building your character up, don't hesitate to ask me for help, or to ask anyone else as there are plenty of lovely and helpful people on site that can be quite beneficial to your ideas and rp experience. Thank you for reading, I hope you have a good day.
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