[Ink's Scrapbook] Meditation in Liquid Form

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[Ink's Scrapbook] Meditation in Liquid Form

Postby Nal'reim Qyan on February 9th, 2015, 3:29 am

Since I edited this last time but you have already did your first video. I will post it here! (Plus any others I think of )

1.) Any news on the Silent? What is their purpose? When will their information be released? Any other details you can let us know!?!

2.) Proper way for an apprentice nuit to address a wizard and than to address a master? What is the proper way for a wizard to address an apprentice and to address a master? How would a master address those below him, in the proper form?

3.) Do you prefer Nuit PCs have to thread their body swaps? Would you prefer them to be threaded?

4.) Are there any other priests to any of the gods on Sahova? Would they be accepted (assuming they are acceptable gods)?

5.) If given the chance, would you become a nuit in real life?

6.) What magic would you want to have in real life if given a choice of any of them (World and/or personal only, no Gnosis)?

7.) How many tattoos do you have? What are they of? And where are they?

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