[Rotten's Scrapbook] The Blind Librarian's Domain

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[Rotten's Scrapbook] The Blind Librarian's Domain

Postby Azrael Solomon on November 23rd, 2011, 9:04 pm

No I'm not actually blind, though it would be cool if I was and still aspired to be a writer. Let me explain a few things before I continue, Rotten is my fictional character I've created but yet to use in any story on site or off. Rotten is my writing name and I like to be known as that. This is his story:

Rotten during a time in his life was an uneducated farm hand. Son to a violent father who always blamed Rotten for any problems that arise on the farm. Rotten desperately wanted to escape the miserable time as he worked long hours. He knew of the outside world away from the farm but no opportunities to leave had arisen. His escape was through books, though he could not read them, he remembered his mother used to read him night time tails before bed. Those stories sent him into fantastical dreamlands that he loved so much.

When his mother died, he no longer had dreams that he enjoyed. Instead he didn't dream at all, no escape from reality. He acquired some books from his friends, which he kept hidden in a hay loft. Every day he'd sneak off and stop his duties around the failing farm to go and attempt to read and bring back his dreams.

Father found out about this and forbade him to continue this pursuit to happiness. Needless to say, Rotten continued anyway. One day father had been hitting the bottle early in the day. Depressed that his farm had hit rock bottom he grabbed a fork and left to find Rotten. He stumbled into the farm that Rotten favored to stay in while he attempted to read. Father found Rotten in the hay loft and began to beat Rotten, blaming books and his own son, as the reason why the farm had failed.

Rotten's father in rage slashed Rotten's eyes with the fork and left him blind with his books. He proceeded to remove the ladder up into the loft and set the entire barn a flame. Rotten died that day, burned alive without the ability to read. The pain was great until the welcoming hand of death enveloped Rotten.

He had awaken not in the normal world, but instead in a library. The shelves were many and seemed to spread miles and miles. Books filled the tall shelves, dust covered and unmoved. As Rotten gained enough focus, he stood up and discovered he couldn't see. Still blind as he stumbled through the library a voice rang in his ear.

"Rotten you have been given a great task. You weren't ready to pass on and one of the deciders found a job for you. True you may never walk among the living again, but you may see their world through the books that line the walls of this domain. These books are special, they can only be read by you," A book landed in Rotten’s outstretched hands.

Immediately Rotten knew the name of the book, “The Tragedy of Marcus Fillus, he that is my name.” Rotten didn’t know how he could know the title of the book.

He opened the book as dust fell from it’s pages. The pages were completely blank yet Rotten began to recite words of a story. “Marcus was born into a fairly normal family...This is a book about me?” He asked the disembodied voice.

“Yes, this book contains your life, just like the other books contain lives of others. They detail everything that happens in their life, were they end up, whether they wear brifs or boxers. Everything is contained within their book.”

Rotten turned a page as more words seemed to enter his mind, “Your task Rotten is to keep the balance of life and death in check. You see, there are books that are still being written..by you.”

This made Rotten’s brow raise, “By me, but I don’t know how to write.”

“These books aren’t written in ink, they are written in your head, your imagination. You control their lives.” Rotten set down the book and another was handed to him.

“This is your father’s book,” Rotten scowled and began to turn the pages.

He stopped near the end of the book and began to read. His father was in bar, flirting with girls and being merry. He read how his father felt no remorse toward his slain sun. This filled Rotten with rage and he began to change the story. He began to write that his father began to consume drinks to the point that he poisoned himself. His soul was then placed into a barn, which for eternity would be set on fire and force his father to feel the burn for eternity.

His father dead now made Rotten at piece. Another book slapped Rotten ont he side of the head. “Now that a story is finished, you must start a new one.”

Rotten picked up the book and a title didn’t pop into his mind. “You will title this book yourself and write this story yourself as well. You have a lot of work to do Rotten, get to writing.”

This is where Rotten still remains, in a library full books with blank pages, but filled with fantastical, happy and sad stories of other’s lives. They were all characters at the disposal of Rotten, the controller of life, death, karma, dreams, everything.

Yeah, that is why I go by the handle Rotten. All of my characters in my stories are based on reality and real things happen to them. I’m not a fan of romanticising stories and prefer realism. Not all endings are happy for everyone or anyone. That is how I like it.

I also love to write horror and suspense and hope that one day I’ll have something published to the mass market. I’m currently working on a novel that was inspired by Stephen King’s short story whose name fails to come to mind. Anyway that is a short intro to me and expect either some short stories or character designs to be posted in the future.
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[Rotten's Scrapbook] The Blind Librarian's Domain

Postby Jeremiah DraDerex on December 17th, 2011, 4:20 am

Here is a work in progress story for y'all to read if you'd like. The next seven months I've dedicated to at least one complete short story. I based them over the often used themes of the seven deadly sins. December's story is Gluttony. I started a bit late because I made this goal late in the game, this is what I have so far for one day (six hours of work).

Without further delay I give you:

Diet Is Die With A T

A record player, spat out the tunes of an old Jazz band. The tune covered the lonely, quiet within the house. A large spectre moved cheerfully through the furnished, empty of life, house. Marry Ann was a heavy set, shut in. She left her home rarely, most the time only to refill the refrigerator. Perhaps rarely isn’t the best word in that case. Marry danced through the hallway and into her spacious kitchen. As she past the refrigerator, her hazel eyes looked over the collage of negative buttons. Fatties never get laid, Food makes you unattractive, Don’t eat now eat later, even the refrigerator was marked and manufactured by a strange company, A Better Life Corporation.

Marry reached for the chromed, metal faucet and began to fill up a small jug of water. She hummed to the jaunty tune, one of her favorite records, and moved to the living room.

She began to water the numerous plants that decorated her little dug out of a home, “Here you go my babies, eat up.”

Marry knew, or at least believed that if you talked to your plants, they grew healthier. Marry continued to walk around the living room before she made her way back to the kitchen.

“That’s it babies eat up, like mama’s bout to.” She giggled and made a dash for the refrigerator.

Not even a center football player could stop the hungry gal. When she opened the refrigerator, she was greeted by the usual voice, “You’re a fat fuck!”

Another gift from the Better Life Corporation, one of the many tactics used as a revolutionary diet plan. Marry paid the voice with its tone that demeaned, and grabbed a large slice of cake. There was a fully roasted roast ready to be eaten, as well as some jello and other snacks of all sorts. She brought the plate of sweets over to a table, after she stopped off by the pantry to grab a bag of chips. An alarm sounded, a small beep, but enough to make Marry scurry over to the table. She scootched the discarded wrappers of chips and cookies past onto the floor, to make way for the new bits of snacks of course. A phone with its tan chords decorated the messy table, along with crumbs and the day’s newspaper.

She reached for the wireless headset and put it to her ear. She clicked a button and the dial tone rang in her ear. “Hello, my name is Frick and thank you for calling a Better Life, how may I assist you?”

“He girl, its Marry.”

“Hey, girl you calling to get plugged in?” Marry picked up the cake by her fingers and took a small bite.

“Yes mam,” She swallowed, “I’m ready to take calls.”

“Okay sweetie, one second.” Marry took another bite from her cake as a dial tone, again, greeted her ear.

Her eyes wandered over the table and noticed a familiar ad, “Do you find yourself alone? Are you constantly the butt end of jokes because of your size? Are you tired of people in gyms as they look down at you because you are so fat? Well the answers to your problems is with...”


“Hello and good morning. My name is Marry and I represent the company, Better Life. I’m calling today to ask a few questions?”


“Do you wish your body was a bit better in looks? My company has the solution to your problems. Better Life is a revolutionary weight loss system that will guarantee result.” Marry had a delightful smile plastered on her face.

It was the only way to sound chipper about her sales pitch, “Mam are you still there?”

The phone line was indeed dead. Merry clicked off her connection and released it. She was surprised when a voice greeted her, “Hello, Merry.”

Merry looked confused for a moment before she took another bite of cake. She wiped her face of the crumbs, “Is this Marty from Boston?”

“I’m calling to inform you that you’ve been selected as a prime test subject for a brand new diet program. We took the liberty of sending you a free sample of our product.”

“How did you find my address?” Marry walked to each of the windows and looked out.

It was a secluded house away from civilization, Marry valued her privacy, the ridicule and looks of people as they judged her drove her away and into a shut in lifestyle.

“We sense your concern Merry, but we feel you’d be the best candidate to test this product out.”

Merry checked the front door window and didn’t notice anything out of the usual. “That is all well and good sir, who did you say this company was again?”

Merry began to walk away from the front door, “Thank you for participating Marry.”

The line died just before a knock at the door. It startled her as she turned back to the door. She stared at it, as if she expected an invitation, or perhaps it was shock. She unlocked the latch, then the other and once more another latch before she twisted the handle, that lock of course popped out as well. She pulled open the door and found her stoop to be unoccupied. It surprised her, the knock had only been seconds before she opened her door. She looked down at her gate, which seemed to not have been disturbed. Her eyes traveled to the neglected and brown shrubs before she looked down at the cracked concrete. She found a small package at her door, it intrigued her as she picked it up. She jumped again when the noise of the dial tone buzzed in her ear once more. She chuckled at herself and waited for the person on the other end to pick up, she was on the clock after all.

Marry had set the package on the table, next to the several bags of chips and cookies that had accumulated around her nest. It had been a long day of pitches and hang ups, just another day really. When the tone chimed in her ear, it signaled her last call and was able to hang up. The line went dead again and Marry relaxed back in her chair. She eyed the package and picked it up. She inspected it, it had no return address in fact the label was quite plain. On the center of the label was her address and name. Her eyes traveled down below the post code and noted a small message hand written with scratchy letters, “The journey to a real happy life has begun.”

She chuckled to herself and opened the package. Her thick fingers tore open the thick paper lined with bubble wrap. She soon found the main contents of the package a small black box with gold letters inlaid into its surface. She found it was very fancy and wondered if the box cost more to manufacture then what was actually within the box. She opened the box and found a small hearing aid, it garnered a chuckle. A square of white paper offered very little assistance.

“Welcome to your first step to proven weight loss. Before each meal, slip this into your ear and you will soon be on your road to success.” Marry chuckled and set the shady ear piece back into the box.

The sun was still out, it was a short shift, Better Life Corporation would rather their employees live a better life. The phone rang and Marry stared at it, she never received phone calls before. Hesitantly, she answered the phone and slowly pressed the cool surface of the plastic against the side of her round face.


“Marry?” The voice wasn’t the same as the strange phone call, instead it was vaguely familiar, “Marry this is Joe from senior year? We were best friends through high school!” The man on the other end chuckled.

Marry relaxed, “Hey Joe, glad to hear from you! How’d you find me?”

“Well I hope this doesn’t sound creepy but I asked the grocery lady, you know the checker that is older then both of us put together? Sheesh, I was surprised she still is able to run that small store. Listen I was in town for business, I was wondering if you’d like to come out for a bite to eat tonight?”

Marry frowned and looked worried, she remembered Joe clearly now. He was the toned, hot jock during high school. Joe and herself used to go steady back in high school, but the differences in college caused them to separate and slowly grow away from each other. Marry knew she didn’t look like she did back in high school.

“Umm, I don’t know its so short notice.”

“Thats okay, you don’t have to make yourself look beautiful. You already are. Listen, I’ll come by your place at eight. See you then.”

Marry sat in silent shock, her high school sweet heart wanted to take her out to eat. She moved faster then she had in ages as she dug through her clothes to find something to wear, that still fit her. Eight rolled around soon enough, to quick in Marry’s opinion, the knock at the door startled her. She walked to the front right before she checked herself in the mirror and made sure her makeup and hair was perfect. Her heart pounded in her chest, she was lucky to not have a heart attack.

Her meaty hands unlatched the first lock, then the other and further still one more, before she turned the handle and opened the door. She was shocked and slightly embarrassed when her eyes met with a perfect adonis. Joe seemed to not have lost his perfect body over the years, his face had matured perfectly, she felt out of place next to him.

“Marry!” Joe’s voice was loud and made Marry drop her head, “You look beautiful! Age has been good to you.”

Marry slowly lifted her head, a blush played across her face, “Thank you, I know you are just saying that.”

“No I mean it, you’re still as beautiful as ever! Jeez, I’m so lucky to have you accompany me tonight.” Joe’s tone sounded truly genuine and perhaps a bit seductive.

Joe placed an arm around Marry’s shoulder, which earned a small twitch, “Relax hon, you’re still my girl.” He teased and guided her out of the dark and into the dim light of the night.

“We’ll take my car, lets get going I’m quite hungry.” Joe patted his tummy and rubbed it some.

The ride to the restaurant was filled with idle chit chat, you know the type between long lost friends, or friends you haven’t seen in a long while. Joe surprised Marry when they pulled up to the most exclusive restaurant in town. It was very ritzy, which made Marry feel even more uncomfortable. But when Joe touched her, somehow she felt confidence run through her. Joe left the car with the valet and the two of them were guided to their seats.
“Man I’m hungry, seems like a nice dive. Got a nice quiet table for the two of us.”

“You didn’t have to do this Joe,” Marry was quiet as she shipped her water, “I mean don’t get me wrong, its just, so sudden.”

Joe smirked and Marry’s eyes seemed to light up, “You’ve had this planned haven’t you?”

Joe continued to remain quiet as he sat back with that same warm smile, “You’re a jerk you know that?”

“Well at least this jerk knows how to treat a lady,” he winked and sat forward, “Besides, what better way to thank the most gorgeous girl in school for going steady with my jock ass.”

Marry blushed and seemed to glow, “You are perfect,” she muttered.

“I’m sorry what was that?” Joe grinned.

“I mean...in high school. You were a perfect guy for my sexy body.” Marry brightened up and smiled for the first time, genuinely.

Joe snickered and sat back before his eyes spied the wait staff with their meals. “Well, I think you are still perfect,” he paused and thanked the waiter as he delivered their meal, “even out of high school.” He winked.

Marry was on fire. Her face was flushed, and burned even more when she noted the amount of food in front of her compared to Joe. Regardless, she felt so good about herself she began to eat her meal. Her knife drove into the steak as she sliced off a sizable portion of the meat. She brought it to her mouth and began to eat. The piece of meat practically melted in her mouth like butter, it was beyond words to describe the taste. As she chewed her mind wandered to that strange call and package. She knew she had the ear piece in her pocket and when she took the time to look at the table and all the food, she decided to test out the strange device.

She reached into her pocket and skillfully slipped it into her ear, “Darned earring.”

Joe shrugged and smiled before he turned his attention back to his steak. Marry was about to do the same before slowly a sharp, quiet tone, began to fill her ear. She looked around to see if anyone else could hear it. As the tone began to grow louder, it also gained clarity. The sharp tones began to turn into a symphony of cries and blood muffled screams. The symphony of misery grew louder and louder as the screams went from all around her and localized to their plates. Marry stared at Joe’s steak as he brought his knife down to the steak.

Time seemed to slow as her eyes narrowed in on the sharp teeth that lined the edge of his knife. She watched as the knife dug into the flesh, which was accompanied by a small voice that yelled and protested, “You’re killing me! No!”

The screams continued as Joe brought the piece of meat to his mouth. Marry watched as Joe slid the meat, as it screamed and protested, off of his fork with his teeth and began to chew. The horrible sounds of bones as they were crushed, filled her ear along with the miserable, murderous, screams grew loud and quiet, loud and quiet with each chew. Mortified, Marry looked down at her plate and heard screams of protest come from her plate, “I’m already half dead! Finish me! Finish me please it hurts!”

Marry didn’t remember what happened next, but she found herself on the ground Joe by her side.

“Marry. Marry, are you alright?” Joe shook her body as she slowly began to open her eyes.

“Marry you awake?” “Sir is she alright?” “Yes, she just fainted.” Joe excused the server as the picked up the rest of the spilled food and plates off the floor.

Marry rolled onto her back, “What happened?”

“You fainted hon don’t worry about anything else. Are you okay though, that was a nasty fall.”

Marry sat up slowly, “Yes, yes I’m fine.” She looked at the table and noticed the fresh stains of red wine on the carpet.

She blushed and Joe looked concerned, “Don’t worry Marry, here let me help you up.”

Joe wrapped his arms around her and then aided her as they both stood up. Marry began to blush again as she noticed the other guests look at her in brief glances. Marry felt like she was about to cry of embarrassment, but Joe comforted her. Before she knew it, Joe had her out and into the cool night time air.

Joe drove Marry back to her house and guided her up the dark stoop and to her front door.

“Look I’m very--”

“If sorry is the next word that comes from your mouth I might have to flick your nose.” Joe said rather sternly, but kept that well mannered and whole hearted tone.

Joe’s foot brushed another package, “Oh seems you got mail. Seems like someone didn’t want to know who delivered it.” Joe inspected the package before Marry took it away.

Joe looked up and was met with Marry’s soft lips to his. Joe was shocked a bit but kissed back and hugged Marry close. The spontaneous moment of affection was short lived as Marry moved away first.
“Wow, you still got it babe.” Joe chuckled.

“It never really goes away I suppose.” She blushed crimson.

“Well then I guess my last surprise for you is, I’ve been reassigned to this town.” Joe paused and watched Marry’s eyes light up. “I suppose you could see more of me if you want that.”

Marry stood in shocked silence, “I’d love that very much.” She croaked out, which earned a snicker from Joe.

“See you at six tomorrow then?”

“Six would be great,” Marry smiled and unlocked her door.

She opened it and then looked back at Joe, “How about sooner then that?”

Joe’s warm smile shined bright through the dark, “How about five then?”

She chuckled and moved into her house, “Have a great night, number forty six, star quarter back.”

Written in blood,

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[Rotten's Scrapbook] The Blind Librarian's Domain

Postby Clandestine Duplais on December 23rd, 2011, 4:34 am

Well as I work on my personal collection of dark tales and themes I find that I just need to let my mind travel in any direction it wants. This thread post is just going to be a free flow stemmed from a recent visit to the DMV.

I find that I can find inspiration in the strangest of places. For example, I was sitting in the DMV and waiting. My brain began to wander, what if the afterlife was like one long DMV? Number after number, you never seem to get closer to your goal. Numbers are called, people come and some never seen again. You watch and wait in the uncomfortable chairs, millions of times over before it is time for your number to be called. You get up to the window and then find out that several things were done wrong with your life. As a penalty, you are to take a test that will decide where you go next, you hope to see your long lost ancestors.

You fail the test and then required to take another number. You sit in the white fluorescent light again and watch millions of other people go before you're called again. Did I mention the ac is broken at this point, all those sweaty, nasty bodies, creating heat that makes everyone sweat. When you reach the window a second time, they inform you that you must take the test over again. The same test that you took, what hundreds of years ago?

You struggle to remember the questions and which of them you got wrong the first time around. Keep in mind, the clock is ticking while you take the test. Each second rolls on and you could hear each tick of the digital clock like a hammer to scrap metal. The clank echoing throughout your already stressed head. All you want is to get the hell out of that place. Needless you say, you choke and of course forced to take another number.

Your mind breaks as you sit in the same spot staring a blank stare. You don't even hear the numbers anymore. You begin to hallucinate, you're alone, you see a single spot light on you. The light pools around you, you're on the center stage. You stand and begin to walk toward the dark, it is only then to your shocking conclusion you find you are sat upon a tall pillar. A pillar in the middle of emptiness, you debate jumping.

Then you hear your number, being called over the static, electronic, voice box. A monotone, feminine voice calls your number again and you find yourself, like a zombie, standing and going to the window once more. You are seated in front of the computer once more. The screen bright white, and burns your retinas. You can barely focus on the lettering. The attendant, is overly enthusiastic, can she see your paleness, the emptiness in your blood shot eyes?

She explains to your great horror, that the new systems will tell you how much time you have left to take the test. In addition to that thrilling, new feature, the questions are read to you as well!

"When you were at Aunt Cassy's house, should you have taken the cookie or taken the beer you had?"

You don't even remember an Aunt Cassy anymore. In fact what was your name again? Crissy? Jared, Charles, who the fuck knows anymore! Needless to say, you utterly fail the test. You take another number and sit. You jump right back up however. The plastic of the chair felt as if it were a bed of needles. You look down and to your horror find just that. Your eye twitches as you look around at all the similarly paled people as the sat with a hunch and stared into a long nothingness.

The room seems to stretch out and everyone seems distant. The walls melt around and reveal inky blackness. The hiss of molten rock could be heard as the red glow manifested around you within the inky darkness. You find yourself on your pedestal of life once more. You look over the edge and see the bubbles of magma. They pop and arch upward against your pillar as if hands reaching up to grab at you. The heat grows stronger as your sweat clouds your tired eyes.

You look at your seat, which has converted itself into a chair fit for the spanish inquisition. You debate to sit back down on the grizzly uncomfortable chair, or take the plunge and surely burn alive. Slow agony of waiting, or the quick sensation of burning alive. Well quick compared to the DMV line. You look at the chair, then back over the edge. Choices, choices they drive you insane!

The feeling of your skin and fat as it melts from your bones a sickening thought. But to wait and hope wait hope again to move on to get out, to regain freedom. Hope that is empty, seeing as you don't even remember your name, was that face that reflected off the glass surface of the ticket line really your face? You could gain freedom, kill yourself in death, No No make a decision for you. Hell below surely beats waiting above. You jump.

Your skin begins to burn as the hot air rushes past your face. At least all of your pain receptors would be burned off by the time you reach the orange and yellow, molten rock. You see that wall, that glorious pool of death grow closer and closer until you no longer see it. Not that you've hit it, just that your eyes have boiled and popped from the eye sockets. But you don't feel the sweet warm embrace of the firey pit. Instead you hear that voice. That voice from hell that drones out numbers with little change in inflection. No personality, like the rest of the people.

You jerk out of your trance and begin the process over again. You don't even attempt to complete the test. Just staring, the next to you reach your happy place again, you will surely jump sooner. Perhaps this time you will reach the lake of fire and feel something. Something that you've forgotten long ago, the feeling of living...

Needless to say, I think waiting at the Social Security office, DMV, and Jury Duty, are the closest things to hell I've experiences. Not including war of course.

A little video clip to brighten your day.
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[Rotten's Scrapbook] The Blind Librarian's Domain

Postby Damian on December 31st, 2011, 6:01 am

Hello again folks. This is your friend Rotten bringing a quick post and tip for all of those who have trouble with creating three dimensional characters. Here are some tips the next time you sit down to write a character. Step one, decide what kind of character are you wanting to make? Are you going to make a romantic hunk or sultry woman? How about a hero, or villain. Perhaps even a bad boy or anti hero?

Next visualize the character in your head. If you can't do that, think of some keywords that fit the character you are doing. Romantic hunk, search Romance in google images (Safe search on of course) and browse through the images. If you find an image that you particularly enjoy save it to your computer. Continue doing this until you have an idea of what your character is going to look like.

Once I have an image in my head, I generally switch to a character creation sheet. Here is an example of what one might look like:

Basic Information
Full Name --
Meaning of Name --
Nickname --
Birth Date --
Astrological Sign and Details --
Birth Place --
Age --
Nationality --
Race --
Hair Color --
Hair Style --
Shape and Features of Face --
Glasses or Contacts --
Eye Color --
Skin Tone --
Scars or Distinguishing Marks --
Disabilities --
Build or Body Type --
Height --
Weight --
Speech Patterns --
Tag Words --
Gestures --
Weakness --
Special Abilities or Powers --

Family and Childhood:
Mother --
Father --
Mother's Occupation --
Father's Occupation --
Family Finances --
Birth Order --
Brothers --
Sisters --
Other Close Family --
Best Friend --
Other Friends --
Enemies --
Pets --
Home Life During Childhood --
Town or City Name(s) --
Details of Town(s) or City(s) --
What Did His or Her Bedroom Look Like --
Any Sports or Clubs --
Favorite Toy or Game --
Schooling --
Favorite Subject --
Popular or Loner --
Important Experiences or Events --
Health Problems --
Culture --
Religion and beliefs --

Your Character's Character:
Bad Habits --
Good Habits --
Best Characteristic --
Worst Characteristic --
Worst Memory --
Best Memory --
Proud of --
Embarrassed by --
Driving Style --
Strong Points --
Temperament --
Attitude --
Weakness --
Fears --
Phobias --
Secrets --
Regrets --
Feels Vulnerable When --
Pet Peeves --
Conflicts --
Motivation --
Short Term Goals and Hopes --
Long Term Goals and Hopes --
Sexuality --
Exercise Routine --
Day or Night Person --
Introvert or Extrovert --
Optimist or Pessimist --

Likes and Styles:

Music --
Books --
Magazines --
Foods --
Drinks --
Animals --
Sports --
Social Issues --
Favorite Saying --
Color --
Clothing --
Jewelry --
Games --
Websites --
TV Shows --
Movies --
Greatest Want --
Greatest Need --

Where and How Does Your Character Live Now:
Home --
Household furnishings --
Favorite Possession --
Most Cherished Possession --
Neighborhood --
Town or City Name --
Details of Town or City --
Married Before --
Significant Other Before --
Children --
Relationship with Family --
Best Friend --
Other Friends --
Enemies --
Car --
Pets --
Career --
Salary --
Other Income --
Dream Career --
Dream Life --
Love Life --
Sexual Turn Ons --
Sexual Turn Offs --
Hobbies --
Guilty Pleasure --
Sports or Clubs --
Talents or Skills --
Intelligence Level --
Finances --
Greatest Strength --
Greatest Weakness --
Health Problems --
Culture --
Religion --

Your Character's Life Before Your Story:
Past Careers --
Past Lovers --
Biggest Mistakes --
Biggest Achievements --

Interview Your Character

a) If you could have two whole weeks for vacation and go and do anything you wanted, what and
where would it be?

b) If you had a weakness for one of the seven deadly sins, which one would it be and why? (pride,
greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, sloth)

c) If you could bring one person back to life and spend a whole day with him or her, who would it be
and why?

d) If you won a three-million dollar lottery, what would you do with the money? What would you do
with a five-hundred dollar win?

e) If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

f) What do you do to relax after a bad day?

g) Where would you go to hang out if you wanted to feel comfortable?

h) What do you do when you are angry?

i) Do you have a secret passion? What? Why is it a passion? And why is it a secret?

j) How do you feel in a crowd? How do you feel alone?

k) If you were asked to describe yourself, what would you say about the kind of person you are? How
about how you look?

l) Where do you want to be in your life ten years from now?

m) A tear jerker is on. How do you react if alone? How do you react if with others?

n) Deep down, what does you really think of yourself? Are you fair, moral, honest, ect...?

o) What do you think would make a perfect first date?

p) How important is money to you? Why?

q) What do you consider romantic?

r) How "green" are you? At the store, do you ask for paper, plastic, or bring a bag? Do you take
hour-long showers, quick ones, have a rain barrel in the yard to catch water for the garden? And so
on. While you are figuring out how "green" you are, figure out why you are dark green or not green at

s) How do you deal with anger, sadness, external/internal conflict, change, loss, jealousy, hurt, ect...?

t) How do you think others see you as a person? How do you think other see you when it comes to
looks and clothes?

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[Rotten's Scrapbook] The Blind Librarian's Domain

Postby Damian on December 31st, 2011, 6:05 am

Now yes that does seem like a lot of work for something that can be done super simple and quick by making things up on the spot. However, if you complete most of these questions you will be well on your way in developing a believable, 3 dimensional character. Here is an example sheet for an Ethaefal character I'm making and writing on my own as a future character. Yes it is incredibly rough, but it doesn't have to be perfect at this stage. (Also as a note this is a future character which means he will be played.)

Full Name -- Xavier Silhouette

Meaning of Name -- Xavior Silhouette is a made up name, when he returned to the mortal world. He didn’t know how he chose, but he felt that he needed a name that rolled off the tongue. Xavier was the first to roll off it. The name Silhouette is the synonym of the name he went by in a past life as a Zith. His name was Shadow, but it is never discovered by Xavior.

Nickname -- Lurk, X, goat.

Birth Date -- He descended from the heavens Winter 505AV

Astrological Sign and Details -- He entered into the sea from the heavens, blessed by the light of Leth. Born under the Moon, Xavior made the crossing from immortality to mortal on a full moon. Those who had witness his fall explained he appeared to be like a falling star, or a tear cried from the moon itself.

Birth Place -- Suvan Sea, off the coast of Syliras.

Age --one year old since his decent. His real age is unknown, but he appears to be in his late twenties.

Race -- Ethaefal

Hair Color --Winter colors: Hair - white, silver; Horns - black, violet
Fall colors: Hair - pale gold, ruddy hues like Fall moons; Horns - yellows
Spring colors: Hair - silvery blue, lavender gray; Horns - white
Summer colors: Hair - black; Horns - all shades of green

Hair Style --During Ethaefal and Zith states, his hair is long almost to the small of his back.

Shape and Features of Face -- His face is slightly egg shaped with a soft chin. A short, pointed nose on the center of his face. His hairline comes to a slight widow’s peak. These features carry over both in zith form and Ethaefal.

Eye Color -- His eyes are a brilliant violet color while in Ethaefal. He has black eyes while a Zith.

Skin Tone -- A brilliant, marble like, chocolate color. While a Zith he has navy blue fuzz and a black wing membrane.

Scars or Distinguishing Marks --Other then the horns, while in Ethaefal form he has several scars on his face. A three clawed gash along the side of his face along with several body scars. He isn’t sure how he received them, it possibly had something to do with a flash of imagery.

Disabilities --He has a very prominent vice for alcohol. When he drinks he becomes more aggressive and more in line of his Zith heritage. He often can be seen getting drunk during the day and causing drunken Mischief.

Build or Body Type -- Very well built in both forms. His body as an Etheafal is a bit bulkier then his Zith side.

Height -- 5’9” Zith 6’8 etheafal

Weight --190 lbs Zith, 205 Etheafal

Speech Patterns -- Both in Zith and Efeafal form he has a heavy accent which is never understood why it sounds Russian.

Tag Words -- Vis suck, Wvhy do you do zhis?, Once a beauty now a beast it’s hard to tell the difference.

Gestures -- He talks with his hands as much as he talks with his mouth. When nervous, he’ll fidget with the bottom of his shirt.

Weakness -- His weaknesses vary depending on the situation. His main weakness however is his vice for alcohol.

Special Abilities or Powers -- He is an Ethaefal.

Family and Childhood:
Mother -- In his past life, his mother’s name was Razor. Also a Zith, from a small clan outside of Sunberth.

Father -- Tooth, husband of Razor.
Mother's Occupation -- Mother practiced carpentry and sculpture. She and her husband both traded often in various cities. Because of their ability to fly, they’d travel easily.

Father's Occupation -- Business man and Barter. Tooth would handle the selling of their beautiful sculptures made from wood.

Birth Order -- Shadow was born before his sister Flame.

Sisters -- Flame was the second born of Razor and Tooth. She was named for her attitude which burned bright like a flame. She and Shadow never seemed to get along well, but the two loved each other.

Enemies -- In a past life, he had many enemies. Some of those enemies have past, but their next of kin remember his face in taverns just before a vicious fight erupts. Alcohol, could be considered his biggest enemy.

Home Life During Childhood -- Dysfunctional, but everyone cared for each other at a deeper level. However, rarely a day went by without arguments between siblings, parents, and siblings to the parents. Physical fights were common, but not as frequent as loud arguments

Town or City Name(s) -- Tikal clan outside of Sunberth. The clan has long since merged with other, larger, prominent Zith gatherings.

Any Sports or Clubs -- His favorite sport was hunting and archery. Shadow excelled with a bow and arrow, it was once said Shadow was the best archer within the clan.

Favorite Toy or Game -- Hide and Seek with Prey was his favorite type of game to play. Mostly just large game, rarely ever humans.

Popular or Loner -- He tends to be alone, even when in Ethaefal form.

Important Experiences or Events -- While Shadow, he had done many things like winning a marksmen competition. At a young age, he was in his first severe bar brawl while drunk, he doesn’t remember much about it. He fell in love with another archer who loved him back, at least that is what it appeared. After several years of going steady, the lady friend left him for another man. He was visually angry that he had been tricked by her. It was the talk of the land. One day her body was found in the forest and it was assumed that he killed her. Tension was in the air as Shadow went to a bar to drown his sorrows. While in a drunken stupor, the townsfolk within the bar began to fight the zith. Shadow fought back, but ultimately was subdued and garroted to death.

The family after the fact found out about this murder and sought the one who took their sons life. They killed him, after informing the people that Shadow was innocent. The man Shadow’s fiance was to merry only wanted the money she had accumulated.

Religion and beliefs -- Follower of Leth.

Your Character's Character:
Popular or Loner -- He tends to be alone, even when in Ethaefal form.
Bad Habits -- Drinks during the day.
Good Habits -- Helps those that need it. He comforts those who want help subconsciously.
Best Characteristic -- He is full of heart.
Worst Characteristic -- He is a drunk.
Worst Memory -- Dying for a crime of passion that was not committed by me.
Best Memory -- Winning and meeting my first love.
Proud of -- Excelling at archery and making a good name for my family.
Embarrassed by -- My public drunkenness.
Temperament -- Usually cool and patient, however rage is just under the surface of steel skin. It takes much effort to pierce the skin, but when you do be ready to face the consequences.
Attitude -- Depressed, unhappy, faking hapiness.
Fears -- That he will not live a better life. He feels that the reason he was sent back was his life wasn’t done correctly. Now he is to live life again on the mortal realm.
Phobias -- Mirrors.
Motivation -- To live a better life, while living in Squalor.
Sexuality -- Bisexual. He has experimented with other males and slept with a few as well. However, nothing beats the emotional bond between man and wife.

a) If you could have two whole weeks for vacation and go and do anything you wanted, what and where would it be?
It would probably be to Syliras and seek out the best hunter and challenge him or her to a three day hunt for the biggest game.

b) If you had a weakness for one of the seven deadly sins, which one would it be and why? (pride,
greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, sloth)

It would most likely be Gluttony. I tend to overindulge in the spirits and even some drugs. Wrath would probably be close second, I tend to have very violent bursts and wild mood swings.

c) If you could bring one person back to life and spend a whole day with him or her, who would it be and why?

It would be my first lover, the archer who was tricked by a silver tongue to leave me. I would spend my day with her and make it a lasting memory that would carry on far beyond the mortal realm.

d) If you won a three-million dollar lottery, what would you do with the money? What would you do with a five-hundred dollar win? I would invest in a mansion with many servants and specialty staff and convert it into an orphanage and a shelter for the generally unfortunate souls.

e) If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? Quit the bottle.

f) What do you do to relax after a bad day? During the day, fly against the clouds. By night I’d probably practice archery under the light of my god Leth.

g) Where would you go to hang out if you wanted to feel comfortable? A bar or a meadow.

h) What do you do when you are angry? I become a tad violent, but I can control my tendencies. I’m generally very patient.

i) Do you have a secret passion? What? Why is it a passion? And why is it a secret? I like to collect pressed flowers. I’m not very good at drawing and flowers hold great memories.

j) How do you feel in a crowd? How do you feel alone? In a crowd, I don’t like it very much. I’m afraid I might hurt someone. I feel a bit better alone, but sad because I’m just that, alone.

l) Where do you want to be in your life ten years from now? Dead and buried so I may return to the heavenly body. The mortal world makes bad feelings that pierce my heart return, I’m not sure why!

Further notes

This song is one of the many inspirations for this character.

New Moon by Swallow the Sun (not associated with Twilight. If it was, Twilight would be so much more bearable):

"Tomorrow will be worse",
I heard her say, as she closed the curtains and walked away.

Tied on the bed by hands of the past. Memories too painful to be opened. My body crushed and burned from escaping life. The sleep will come, with horrors of you...

New moon, would you open the gates and take me away from this night. New moon, between the curtains, walk me away on you silvery bridge. New Moon, lay your mercy on me tonight.

The despair of morning sun, beams of UNHOLY light. No one can read the signs of these eyes. The prayer of escape, I will never heal.

The flames on my skin to wash all bad away was unpurifying kiss of suffering

But I judge myself to give it all away, for you...

New moon, would you open the gates and take me away from this night. New moon, between the curtains, walk me away on your silvery bridge. New moon, lay your mercy on me tonight.

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[Rotten's Scrapbook] The Blind Librarian's Domain

Postby Clandestine Duplais on January 24th, 2012, 7:54 pm

Hey folks. It is me again bringing you all something that I enjoy to write to. Varekai, which is performed by Cirque Du Soleil is probably my favorite shows to play in the background.

What are some of your favorite sounds, music, and movies to play while you are writing?

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