What are your favourite threads?

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What are your favourite threads?

Postby Poison on January 11th, 2012, 2:07 pm

I know that we have a featured thread each month, but what are your personal favourite threads? Which threads do you really enjoy?

One of my favourites is Weaving Her Own Web, a thread that I'm moderating for Rhysati. In it Rhysati, the Dhani, stumbles across Kalinor. She is very hungry and would love nothing more than to eat a Symenestra. The Symenestra are of course unaware of that and secretly planning to make her a surrogate for their babies.

Rhysati's latest post really made me laugh!
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What are your favourite threads?

Postby Siiri on January 17th, 2012, 3:23 am

Reading the part in Heart of An Immense Darkness where Myri spoke in Siiri's mind and Yahal showed up still gets me stoked to this day. I love all my Siiri threads actually, even those that people abandoned. The fight threads with Satu were hella fun to write.

Tarot's The Night the Towers Cried is a close second, due to the pure awesomeness he gave my poor barmaid in there.

Staring Chaos In The Eye deserves special mention if only because of the...unexpected...actions of the Ebonstryfe Who Must Not Be Named.
Apologies to everyone I'm threading with, but it's like the Danaides for me right now.
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