[Siiri's Journal] Beast of Prey

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[Siiri's Journal] Beast of Prey

Postby Siiri on December 23rd, 2010, 9:47 am

?? of Fall, 510 A.V.
The depths of Hai

I endure writing this in the wavering torchlight as we take a brief break from out journey, for I know of no other way to let out my thoughts and emotions with my Miharu away from me...

We encountered a boy today, his body so thin and weak I could probably shatter his spine with little effort. A strange sight, this boy, for I have never seen one so young starved at such a point that his skin hung over his frame like a wet cloth would over a clothesline. Hardly any trace of muscle or meat. I understand there is meager resources out in the desert but to leave a mere child at such a state?

The sight of him has left me disturbed, I must admit, more than anything I have seen in this hellish place. Perhaps it's because such a thing would never be seen back home, where the bounty of the jungle provides for our every need. No child starves, for even the clanless, even those whose parents have died, are taken care of by those around them. Our society nurtures our own. And so it struck me as odd how my companions reacted to the boy's plight. I could sense their indifference, their disgust. I offer a mere morsel and I am warned that he may be more than he seemed. Easy enough to stab him with my numerous blades if he proved otherwise. And yet I do not think this boy is like the woman I killed back in city entrance; she was old enough to have done whatever crime she committed that led her to being thrown into this underground prison.

But what of the boy?

Offspring of one of the city's prisoners perhaps?

What crime could he have done that he is sentenced to endure life in this shykehole?

I cannot imagine what crime a mere child could do to deserve such a fate.

...and these humans think us Myrians barbaric.
Apologies to everyone I'm threading with, but it's like the Danaides for me right now.
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