General & Ghostly Questions

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General & Ghostly Questions

Postby Flynn Maidrus on January 21st, 2012, 7:16 pm

1) Can ghosts change their appearances into anything? The wiki mentions that their forms reflect their mind, but no mention if their first form permanent.

2) Does Mizahar have a banking system? My ghost has money, but it would be troublesome to carry it around all the time.

3) Ghosts cannot die, correct? All they can do is lose all their Soulmist, at which point they will become completely invisible, and wait for it to return?

4) What makes a ghost eligible to connecting with the Ukalas, and how does one utilize it?
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General & Ghostly Questions

Postby Mirage on January 21st, 2012, 8:18 pm

Hey Flynn :)

I just thought I would pop in an answer a few of the questions here. I had a ghost a while back and had a few similar questions as well. .

1) No. Their appearance as far as I was lead to believe is set. If you look in the Physical Appearance section of the Ghost page it actually says that they look like they did when they died, but depending on the ghost they may show things like thew wounds that killed them. A ghost who was beheaded can choose to either have the head attached or not, depending on the ghost and their mindset. One who is set out on revenge may choose to display their deaths in a more pronounced way, and others may choose to look as young and healthy as they did right before they died. That much a ghost can change, but it is always still the same general look of who they were when they died

2)As far as I know no as well. Mizahar is a post apocalyptic world where everyone is just trying to survive. Now I cannot speak for individual cities, but as a whole Mizahar does not have a banking system. Each city you go to, however MAY have something similar, or at least a place where they hold and exchange money. Maybe the next person will shed a little more light on this situation :)

3) Ghosts are dead, so they cannot die correct. However do not think that they are immortal. It says in the wiki that their djed can actually be hurt or injured, causing the ghost great pain that heals at a VERY slow rate. In a sense no Ghosts cannot die, but if they lose their Djed in some way then the ghost cannot exist. So my answer to this question is that Ghosts cannot die in a traditional sense, but if they take too much damage to their actual djed, or soul, they may lose their grip on this world, fading into nothing. Read over the wiki again and see if you cant find a little more information as far as that is concerned.

4) For this I would say very very little for most ghosts. Ghost are creatures who have chosen to be on this world, and such they would be cut off from anything divine for the duration of their stay on Mizahar. Also, if you would reread the Afterlife Wiki which is connected to the Ghost wiki, you would see that it states the the Ukalas is the relm of the gods, and as such a normal soul would not have any connection to it in the first place. Most souls go through the reincarnation cycle, being born again on Mizahar. Some who posses a Gnosis mark and have earned a God's favor may be asked to join the God in the Ukalas, but BEFORE they were asked to come to that divine realm, separating them from the cycle of reincarnation, they would have had NO connection with it at all. Now, some ghosts can sense the presence of the Ukala, and a few of the most powerful ones can even draw strength from it. Thats what I read in the wiki at least. However, that is for VERY few ghosts, and most would be overwhelmed if they tried to touch the realm of gods. Try to keep that in mind as you decide things for your character. Hope this helps :)

Go back and read over the wiki's again. All of my information I was able to find in the wiki, from the Ghost page under the Race tab at the top of this page. That should help you answer a lot of your ghost related questions :)

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General & Ghostly Questions

Postby Chaeli Snowsong on January 21st, 2012, 9:15 pm

As a player of a ghost, I have written my character changing her soulmist to change her form. Since her soul is only a mimicry of her body, she can look like she did the day she died, at the height of her life, or the decaying skeleton that exists today.

Keep in mind that ghosts stay on this world out of sheer willpower. The moment they decide that they don't want to be around anymore, be it because they completed a goal or were convinced that they don't have anything to stay for, they pass on and reincarnate. A weak-minded person cannot be a ghost.

Ghosts can also be 'trapped' by spiritists. Some might consider that like death. Anyone playing a ghost should also read the spiritism wiki.
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