[Plotnotes - Meera]

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[Plotnotes - Meera]

Postby Meera on February 6th, 2012, 12:41 am

My goals for Meera!

Things I'm definitely interested in pursuing for Meera
(in no particular order)

  • Name change (1, 2), addition of last name
  • Windmark!!!
  • Romantic Relationship - this includes learning to trust/love
  • Assassin Job - possible recruitment into guild?
  • Sail/Pirate life

Possible Name Changes for Meera
    First names
  • Ysane (yEE-sane]
  • Maile (mAh-ly - sort of like "Mal" + "eh", rhymes with parley)
  • Ashtar

Last Name Options (for unmarried)

  • Moonrider
  • Freemark
  • Swiftrider

Pregnancies? - srsly I'm gonna Trailblaze Mizahar apparently according to chat XDD (none are actually confirmed)
  • Aren - Akalak babies!
  • Devero - Sym babies!

I have no idea if I'm going to survive *any* of these births, despite there being a 3% survival rate for mothers of Sym children if delivered premee or by old school caesarian. If I do happen to survive, I suspect I will be rendered barren.
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