[Group Plotnotes] Whitecrest Pod

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[Group Plotnotes] Whitecrest Pod

Postby Alister Whitecrest on February 25th, 2012, 4:30 am

Whitecrest Pod

Lia: Cassia
Members: Alister

Pardisa: Killer Whale

The Whitecrest Pod is a relatively old pod. It was inherited from Lia Selta afterr she died by her daughter. Lia Selta herself inherited it from her mother, Lia Lina. Whitecrest is named such after the massively powerful waves that rise in the ocean during the storms they pride themselves in being able to sail through. Not that other Svefra can't, Whitecrest merely takes pride in being able to do so more effectively. In general, they take simple, legal jobs such as ferrying people and goods. Due to their skill at navigating troubled waters, members of the Whitecrest pod are often hired by merchants and travelers when they seek to eliminate the risk of losing their goods to the weather.

However, there are currently a few members of the Whitecrest pod that are engaged in less legal activities. Alister Whitecrest has recently started picking up "unattended" merchandise in the southern Suvan Sea. Small groups of Whitecrest have chosen not to stay in physical proximity to the main body of the Pod and instead become what merchants like to call "pirates".

Traditions and Beliefs

The Whitecrest Pod has some interesting traditions. A certain line of males in the Pod teach Reimancy to their sons, which they teach to their sons, and so on. Currently, there are about 6 men in the pod that can use Reimancy, to varying degrees of ability. The stories in the pod say that this line has taught Reimancy to their sons for generations, the tradition even preceding the Valterrian, if the stories are to believed. No particular restriction is put on learning magic, but simply to honor those that have passed the knowledge down through the generations, few others in the pod actually do learn magic.

Also, in the Whitecrest pod, storms are the main focus of storytelling. Though not an official "coming of age," the first time a Whitecrest pilots a ship through a storm is seen as the first time they are truly independent. Often Whitecrest members can be found bragging about the size and power of a recent storm, or perhaps boasting about their first storm. While land-lubber children play games about knights and battles and princes, a Whitecrest child is more likely to be found playing a game or telling their friends a story about storms they will brave in the future.

3 personal Casinor (currently in the Southern Suvan Sea)
3 Palivar (currently in the Northern Suvan Sea)

Accepting PC?: Yes, absolutely!
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