Solo hour of the wolf.

Days before the Wild Djed Storm devastates their city, two healers undertake the task of preparing one another for their destinies.

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A village cut off from the rest of Mizahar by the Valterrian, slowly reestablishing contact with the outside world.

hour of the wolf.

Postby Abstract on October 15th, 2013, 9:34 pm

Grade Awarded!



~ Observation - 3
~ Unarmed Combat - 2
~ Running - 1
~ Medicine - 1


~ Recovering Quickly from Overgiving
~ Tracking: Prints of a Dire Wolf
~ Unarmed Combat: Proper Stance
~ How to Work with Ranuri
~ Unarmed Comabe: How to Block




Just a side note: you often used the word 'hour', but in Mizahar, they use the word 'bell' rather than 'hour'. Same goes for other time measurements. Second = Tick, and Chime = Minute! Otherwise, wonderful thread- I love your writing! I especially liked the effects of Ranuri on Caelum, and his random comments about Cian needing to eat, or being cold. It made the thread very interesting!

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