[Zeltiva] Spring Calendar

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Center of scholarly knowledge and shipwrighting, Zeltiva is a port city unlike any other in Mizahar. [Lore]

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[Zeltiva] Spring Calendar

Postby Paragon on February 29th, 2012, 11:40 pm

Spring Calendar

1st: A Wild Djed Storm explodes across Mizahar, in the wake of Ivak's escape. Chaos is wrought upon Zeltiva - there is damage across the city, most notably at the University, and the docks. The Astronomy Tower collapses, plunging through the roof of the West Wing. Approximately half of the docking piers are destroyed, and around a third of the Cerulean Pier collapses into the sea. Damage to the front of the Scholar's Asylum allows several broken-minded mages to escape into the city. At the Storm Shrine, a strange weather effect causes a funnel of lightning to be conducted through the lightning rod for nearly five hours. At the Temple of Laviku, a strange blue light emanates from the stone. In Mathew's Bay, two obelisks of black and white rise from the water, causing a tidal wave to race towards the city.

2nd: Evacuation from dangerous parts of the city commences, along with temporary fixes and repairs across the city. The tide begins to act strangely as wild djed pools near the shoreline, with great swathes of marine life washing up on the beaches. The Konti healers from Mura aid Mistress Claira as they deal with the vast amounts of injured people.

4th: Worries begin to surface over food, as shipments from Syliras cease in the wake of the disaster.

5th: A mage once incarcerated in the Scholar's Asylum loses control of his Voiding in the city centre, killing seven people.

7th: Citizens begin to go hungry, as small scale riots and pockets of trouble erupt across the city. Geomancer's and Artisans begin work on repairing the West Wing of the University.

11th: As the situation only seems to worsen, the University Regents, Sailor's Guild, and Lord of Council, convene for emergency talks.

13th: Severe rationing measures are introduced, with all food in the city stockpiled into one resource, and then distributed evenly. Researchers, Konti, and Charoda, head out into the bay to investigate the twin obelisks. It is determined that the fragment stolen at the end of the previous season came from the black obelisk.

15th: Those with any skill in magic are tasked by the Lord of Council to detain the escapee mages and return them to the Asylum. On the same day, a fire erupts in the docks, destroying three more docking piers, as a crazed mage releases his reimancy. Several sailor's are injured.

34th: Parts of the city begin to show signs of effective rebuilding, but the Infirmary is still struggling with the volume of patients. Most of the escaped mages have been returned to the Asylum, except two.

42nd: All food supplies are almost exhausted, with famine declared in the city. Hope is placed on Zeltiva's neighbours for the future.

67th: With the aid of several skilled geomancer's, the astronomy tower once again rises from the roof of the West Wing, allowing all lessons to resume in their normal rooms as normal. The docks at least partially resemble what they did before, allowing more ships and boats into the city.

69th: Sufficient food supplies arrive from Syliras. Famine is Officially lifted.

80th: As part of the deal with Syliras for food, 50 young citizens head to Mizahar's largest city to train as battlemages.
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