Darian's Plotnotes

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Darian's Plotnotes

Postby Darian on March 12th, 2012, 12:33 am

Religious views:

Darian hates all the gods, even if he doesn't know any of their names. He abhors religion of any kind and won't hesitate to kill those bearing a mark from a deity. In his own way however, he is religious in his pursuit of eliminating the weak from the world, one worthless soul at a time. He reasons that if they fell to his blade they where too weak to belong in this world, and he hold no loyalty but to himself. His desire is insatiable, and will only stop when he breath's his last.

Current Story lines:

- NE Recruitment thread: Darian is working on leading a team to retrieve sensitive information from a possible traitorous business partner of the Night Eyes, all in a effort to learn the location of a Konti woman who healed him, and effectively saved his life, pulling him from the brink of death. His designs for the woman are his own, and he remains silent about this.

- Darian & Rayage Threads: A meeting with an old foe turns to an uneasy alliance of powers, and together the pair work hard on solidifying their power on the muck strewn streets of Sunberth, both willing to cause as much havoc as needed.

- Shai: He meets a lover of an associate of his and finds himself both confused and off put by this strange female. His aims and desires reflect a need to unmask what manner of creature she is.

- Antar: Darian works hard to solidify alliances with powers that he respects all in a effort to set into motion the beginning of what he hopes will bring chaos to the streets, and topple the oppressive powers that have long been a heavy burden on the people of Sunberth.

- Solos: A glimpse into his past shows he training regimen growing up, and how he was shaped to be as he is seen now.

I have retired Darian, and I apologize for any inconveniences this has caused with anyone threading with this character. Feel free to NPC him in any threads that he is involved in if that is of course ok with the moderator. Again, I am sorry for any inconveniences.
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