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A tattoo and piercing shop that specializes in glowing tattoos.

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The Diamond of Kalea is located on Kalea's extreme west coast and called as such because its completely made of a crystalline substance called Skyglass. Home of the Alvina of the Stars, cultural mecca of knowledge seekers, and rife with Ethaefal, this remote city shimmers with its own unique light.

Lazuli Ink

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Lazuli Ink is a small glass domed building in Lhavit, accessible only by a well lit and patrolled alleyway. This building is often overlooked by tourists and casual citizens, being off the beaten path. But once one discovers it, they will never forget it. The building is made up of white stone and an abundant use of skyglass, but in and of itself isn't the sight worth seeing. Up the stone steps and inside, one finds a small waiting room, the walls adorned with several paintings.

These paintings are vivid in color and style, but all have one thing in common. They all feature a brightly adorned part of the body, for these are some of the examples of the work done. There is a small couch to sit on, and a small glass table. On one wall is a large bookshelf, filled to the brim with books. If one were to open a book, they would find many drawings of flash tattoos, which are available to be inked onto customers should they not know what they want.

ImageShortly after entering, one of the highly decorated workers will greet you, and talk to you about the services you wish to receive; the image, placement, size, and colours will all be discussed, and then the artist will sketch out the tattoo for you. Alterations can be made, and then the actual tattoo will take place. They offer standard tattoos, as well as a unique style that many have come to call Lapis Tattoos. The ink in these tattoos is a special blend from the native flora, and gives off a dull glow, which in turn causes the tattoo to glow slightly. The blend of Lapis ink is a heavily guarded secret, and cannot be found anywhere else in Mizahar.

Past the waiting room are the tattoo rooms; there are two, one belonging to Inecino, and one to Soraya. Inside each room is a small table, a stool, and shelves lined with small bottles of various coloured inks and other tattooing tools. A tattoo chair sits at the center, taking up most of the room; it is similar to a lounge chair that can be easily adjusted to allow for the workers to tattoo anywhere on customers.

Piercings are also offered by the shop, though it is not their specialty; piercings are simply done in the waiting room, as they are quick and easy to do compared to tattoos; the exception is when a client wants a piercing in a more intimate spot, in which case they will be taken into one of the tattoo rooms for the piercing. Piercings are almost always done by Kerra, though Soraya may do some on occasion.

Lazuli Ink also offers training services to those who wish to learn tattooing, but only to those who have proven themselves competent in painting or drawing first.

Location credit: Shepherd

Inecino Kimur
ImageName: Inecino Kimur
Race: Human
Birthdate: 492 AV
Birthplace: Lhavit
Occupation: Owner and tattoo artist at Lazuli Ink
Skills: Calligraphy - 40, Drawing - 55, Painting - 60, Tattooing - 72, Teaching - 20, Writing - 30
Languages: Common (Fluent), Myrian (Poor), Symenos (Poor)

Inecino is a born and bred Lhavitian. He's always had an aptitude for drawing and painting. His parents always had high hopes for him to become a renowned artist, and at first it seemed that it would go that way. However, one day while he was painting a landscape just over Sartu, he was interrupted by a lost traveler. The man was a heavily tattooed Myrian, and was very unfamiliar with the area. Inecino was immediately fascinated by the ink covering the man. He immediately invited the man to stay with him for a while. The man agreed tentatively. Inecino became obsessed with drawing the man and his tattoos, and on more than one occasion he crossed the line of personal space.

After weeks of badgering, the man finally agreed to teach Inecino the art of tattooing. While he never spoke of his past and why he was no longer in the jungles, he did teach all the art and style of Myrian tattooing. And his student was a very quick learner. In a season's time, Inecino was an accomplished tattooist, having done several of his own. His Myrian mentor left town, but his teachings would live on.

Inecino is a very kind man, and very dedicated to his art. He is always upfront with his customers and assistants, and expects the same in return. He makes sure that his customers know that the tattoos they are receiving are permanent and need to be treated as a part of themselves, rather than just a decoration. He is very calm and patient, and only has one vice; and that is sleeping. He refuses to abide by Lhavit's schedule of rest periods. When he's tired, he sleeps, and stays asleep until he is fully rested. He also shuts down the shop during any festival, which he is guaranteed to attend.

Soraya Orchid
ImageName: Soraya Orchid
Race: Symenestra
Birthdate: 498 AV
Birthplace: Kalinor
Occupation: Manager, piercer, and tattoo artist at Lazuli Ink
Skills: Drawing - 72, Herbalism - 54, Medicine - 25, Organization - 32, Piercing - 35, Tattooing - 50
Languages: Common (Fluent), Symenos (Fluent)

Soraya Orchid grew up in Kalinor. She was always shy and withdrawn, and it was quite clear that she wouldn't be able to go abroad and Harvest with any success. But she wanted to be useful, so she worked in the Place of Purging. She learned a few basic medical skills, as well as how to use herbs to help others. In her spare time, she would draw the mothers and the children. She would even draw the surrogates through the locked doors. She knew the Harvest to be necessary, and approved of it, but she felt that something of the surrogates should live on. So they lived on in her drawings.

She eventually felt the desire to see the world, and was directed toward Lhavit. The city was close, safe, and mostly friendly. Upon arrival, she made no attempt to hide her Symenestra heritage. This often made people wary of her, but anyone who got to know her learned she was harmless. She was often spotted stalking people, not to eat, not to lure away, but to draw. She especially loved to draw the protectors of the city, the Shinya.

One day while stalking a patrolman, as was usual for her, she bumped into Inecino Kimur. She was quickly enraptured in the art in his body, and he was in love with her drawings. He offered her a job, and she accepted. He taught her his art, and while she has yet to master tattooing as Inecino has, she is an amazing complement to him. She does many of the designs and drawings for tattos, helps mix and keep stock of the inks, and even helps tend to the minor wounds that are associated with tattoos; rumor has it she even came up with the Lapis ink.

She is a very quiet, organized individual. Before she came along, Lazuli Ink was a mess. Drawings, ink, paintings were everywhere, and Inecino would often be found asleep in his shop without locking up. She's the responsible side of the business, and will act as such with customers. She collects the payment, is courteous and professional, and helps customers figure out what they truly want out of a tattoo. She can often be found passing out hand made fliers for the shop, and whenever Inecino is sleeping, she's in charge.

Kerra Zettali
ImageName: Kerra Zettali
Race: Human
Birthdate: 491 AV
Birthplace: Lhavit
Occupation: Piercer at Lazuli Ink
Skills: Drawing - 20, Medicine - 68, Piercing - 80, Tattooing - 18
Languages: Common (Fluent)

Kerra was born and raised in Lhavit, and always had a deep fascination for tattoos and body modifications of all sorts; this fascination began when she first glimpsed, at a young age, a visitor to the city with several piercings and many tattoos.

She quickly discovered that her talent in drawing, and thus tattooing, was lacking; so Kerra shifted her main focus to piercing. Her parents never understood her interests, but were supportive nonetheless. For several years, Kerra ran a piercing shop out of her home; until one day, Inecino stopped in out of curiosity.

Impressed with Kerra's piercings, he decided to hire her at Lazuli Ink. While the shop's focus was and still is tattoos, many customers interested in inking their skin are also interested in piercings, and so Kerra now fills that niche; while she works as a piercer, Kerra also continues to try and hone her skills in art and tattooing, hoping to one day be able to work as a tattoo artist. But until then, she is more than happy to continue her work as a piercer in an environment she loves.
Regular Tattoos

Tattoo (Small): 7 kina
Tattoo (Medium): 15 kina
Tattoo (Large): 30 kina

Lapis Tattoos

Tattoo (Small): 21 kina
Tattoo (Medium): 45 kina
Tattoo (Large): 90 kina


Ears (Silver jewelry): 4 kina
Ears (Gold jewelry): 40 kina
Face (Silver jewelry): 5 kina
Face (Gold jewelry): 50 kina
Body (Silver jewelry): 7 kina
Body (Gold jewelry): 70 kina

Prices are listed for one single piercing, and include standard jewelry. Standard jewelry is a hoop, stud, or barbell (curved or straight) depending on preference and placement.


Tattooing kit: 25 kina
Ink refill (Black): 2 kina/oz
Ink refill (Coloured): 5 kina/oz
Herbal spray: 15 kina/5 oz spray bottle

Tattooing materials may be purchased by anyone, though all of the workers at the shop will caution that customers should be well-trained and aware of what they are doing if they are attempting a tattoo on their own. Lapis ink is not for sale. The herbal spray is a custom blend that the shop purchases from the Starry Chalice, meant to be sprayed on a fresh tattoo to keep it clean and avoid infection during the healing period.

Tattooing Lessons

Novice: 15 kina/lesson
Competent: 25 kina/lesson
Expert: 35 kina/lesson

Tattooing lessons last 2 - 3 hours; lessons on piercing are not offered. To attend a tattooing class, one must have either the drawing or painting skill at a competent level. Materials are supplied during lessons and included in the lesson cost. Master level classes are not offered.


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