[PC Plotnotes] Liora

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[PC Plotnotes] Liora

Postby Liora on April 2nd, 2012, 2:06 pm

Liora Personality
+ Kind, Liora likes to do the right thing and be nice to people, though often her underlying desire is to be seen as doing the right thing.
- Insecure, Liora is often insecure in social situations, even more so when she is asked to talk about herself. She's always nervous that people will not like her and think she is strange.

+ Bold, Liora is proud of her heritage but her social insecurities can often get in the way of her expressing it. When she is comfortable around a person and can get over her insecurity she is radiant and assertive.
- Anti-Magic, Liora does not like magic and she cannot respect or understand those who use it. She often lumps animal-like races in this category too because they seem unnatural to her. Greater external circumstances will override this prejudice.

Short Term Goals:
- Survive djed storm in Yahebah
- Further explore Yahebah/Ekytol desert
- Be rude to a magic user

Long Term Goals:
In development
- Get over fear of magic
- Meet Yahal
- Something impossible involving the desert

Flashback Goals:
-Meet Adarra in Yahebah (21 Spring 510)
- Go on dual training in desert with Adarra (22 Spring 510)
- Family disappearance, synopsis: Wanders to gather herbs, returns to find family slaughtered by bandits, follows in a rage, kills wounded bandit left behind, goes back to bury family, takes off into the desert (14 Summer 505)
- Events after the disappearance, synopsis: collapses in a small oasis, drinks a bit then some sort of revelatioin action happens, decides to shun company and wander desert a while (16 Summer 505)
- Botany training from mother ( 32 Fall 499)

- Meet Anselm, witness Nuit body changing process (20 Summer 510)
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