The Shoddy Thoughtery.

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The Shoddy Thoughtery.

Postby Mar on May 13th, 2012, 8:42 am

Righto, so we have this thing in front of me. It's blissfully blank at the moment, but I intend to change that.

The problem: How?

Good question. That's why I'm here, meself -- I'm not entirely certain. So now, this is devoted to my thoughts. They're there somewhere. Sometimes, I'm even aware of them. Crazy, right?

On a good day, they grow, branch out, connect, and manifest themselves in the form of real, live words. It doesn't matter if they're spoken or written, my day is better when they're around. I live with someone, roommate of sorts I s'pose, insists on asking me a rather simple question on a fairly regular basis.

"What are you thinking?"

I don't remember the last time I answered with anything other than, "I don't know." Generally, I imagine that's a normal response, people like privacy, right? But lately, I've been giving it more thought, been finding that the vast majority of the time, "I don't know" is the truth. Whether it's subonscious or not is up for debate, but the fact of the matter is, I need to figure it out. Not knowing is maddening, and I think keeping the scrapbook up and running can help me with this. If I write regularly, if I force myself to think, then maybe I'll be able to find those thoughts when they matter. Is it a stretch? Maybe, but I've been wanting to start up on Mizahar for a while now. Two birds, one stone, and all that noise.

Speaking of noise, listening to this:

Fantastic, right? If ya like it, check out the rest of the soundtrack. At the very least, it'll be fun to listen to, and there's next to nothing out there that sounds like it. Fun game too.

Feel free to post, makes the thought-finding easier. I'll try to keep at least one in two posts Mizahar-relevant, other than that, no real plan for what goes here.
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