Kalimalka's Plotnotes

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Kalimalka's Plotnotes

Postby Kalimalka on May 30th, 2012, 4:03 am

Kali's Plotnotes


Character Goals

- Occupation- guide (debatable)
- Repair fractured mind (or destroy it)
- Develop Kelvic bond
- Master Wilderness Survival
- Expert Land Navigation
- Master Hunter
- Learn Shielding (Flux?)
- Create sustainable purpose/protective charge
- Overcome submissive nature/develop assertiveness

Season Goals

Get adopted into Frostfawn Hold
Get a job as hunter/sled driver
Have a dream (dreamscape thread)
Get into a fight
Recive skill points in Meditation



Just some notes for myself to keep Kali's character in line

-Kali has very, very weak mental health. Mental episodes not uncommon, including anxiety and dilusions
-Kali cannot read or write
-Kali's heat cycle is the first 20 days of spring and fall
-Kali is submissive towards other dogs despite her size
-Kali is not happy-go-lucky
-Kali is EXTREMELY possesive/protective.
-Kali would never steal
-Kali does not gamble
-Kali looks to be in her early to mid twenties
-Kali has a secret she is ashamed of (to be played out)
-Kali is a fricken' massive dog. Massive. Play her that way.
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