[PC Plotnotes] Ser Donathon Varius

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[PC Plotnotes] Ser Donathon Varius

Postby Don on June 16th, 2012, 7:50 am

IC Goals:
  • Have Don train a squire so that he may pass his Knighting Quest.
  • Have Don attend some sort of ceremonial ball, for lulz.
  • Ascend the ranks of Knights.
  • Travel North, to the Taldera Region.
  • Flashback his Knighting Quest.
  • Get Don to fall in love, and spark a romance.
  • Provide several Flashbacks of Don performing noble quests and deeds, before and after he became a Knight.

OOC Goals:
  • Somehow get Don into the Featured Character section, despite his unoriginality and lack of creativity. (He’s just boss, ok.)
  • Get my character well-known around the site, both IC and OOC.
  • Earn a few juicy medals.

Skill Goals:
  • 50 Negotiation
  • 75+ Riding, Sword and Shield
  • 50+ Crossbow
  • 50 Wilderness Survival
  • 50 Running (To keep fit, you know?)
  • 25 Dancing (So ladies flock to him at balls and formal occasions..)
  • 25+ Unarmed Combat (For those times when his sword is out of reach)
  • 50+ Tracking (When bad guys get out of the city)
  • 50 Intimidation
  • 25+ Interrogation


Character Notes:
  • Don follows Tyveth mainly, though the Windoak is also his god.
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