Kressha's Life Plot

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Kressha's Life Plot

Postby Kressha on June 25th, 2012, 3:26 pm

So here is a rough sketch of an idea that I have for Kressha's travels, places she likes she tends to stay longer. The only place that I have current threading so far is Zeltiva so if you have an idea or would like to thread with Kressha in a different location than what I have, let me know and I might be able to finagle the times around a bit.

Since I am still so totally new at all this, please, if you see something wrong, let me know.

If you would like to help me with some of these threads, let me know, I'd love to have others to thread with over doing Solo Flashbacks.

- 505 Summer to 506 Fall -
Turned 100, learns to shift into human form, traveled to Ahnatep

505 Summer (Do thread of learning to transform human)
505 Fall
505 Winter (Do thread of traveling to Ahnatep, calculate out number of days for travel) (Do thread of arriving in Ahnatep and meeting other races besides Dhani for the first time after leaving her nest)
506 Spring
506 Summer
506 Fall
506 Winter
507 Spring

507 Summer (Do thread about starting her travels) (Calculate number of days to travel and what days)
32nd - [Flashback][The Pavilion] Gathering Needed Supplies (Solo) Kressha spends time at the market in Ahnatep purchasing what she needs for her planned traveling.

- 506 Winter 507 Spring -
Traveled some more and met up with the tent city of Endrykas in Cyphrus

507 Summer (Do thread about meeting people of the Tent City) (Do thread of learning new skills for horse Rahhale)
507 Fall (Do thread of leaving Tent City and traveling again)

- 507 Spring to 509 Spring -
Traveled to Alvadas (Calculate time from Endrykas to Alvadas and pick days of travel)

507 Winter
23rd - [FlashBack] Snakes, Seduction, and Snowfall Kressha gets caught out in the snow while hunting and keeps herself warm with another Dhani named Bones.

508 Spring
508 Summer
508 Fall
508 Winter

509 Spring
86th - Kressha Says Bye to Alvadas (Need to Do)
(87th - 91st Traveling)

- 509 Summer to 512 Summer -
Traveled from Alvadas to Sunberth (23 Days) (Would like to do a few threads where Kressha's darker bloodier side comes out to play. Maybe torture and kill a few that try and take advantage of her, have a little blood bath. Something dark and fun.)

509 Summer
(1st - 19th Traveling)
20th - New Dhani Here to Play (Title subject to change, Need to Do)

509 Fall
509 Winter
510 Spring
510 Summer
510 Fall
510 Winter
511 Spring
511 Summer
511 Fall
511 Winter

512 Spring
71st - Kressha Aims for Avanthal (Need to Do)
(72nd - 91st Traveling)

- 512 Summer to Current -
Travels north to Avanthal but turns around because of the ever constant snow and goes to Zeltiva
(19 days going north then 13 days south to Zeltiva)

1st - Dhani vs. Avantahl Weather (Need to do)
2nd - 13th - (Traveling)
14th - Arrival from the Sea Kressha arrives in Zeltiva
14th & 15th - Trees Need to Smile Too Kressha meets Faval on the beach outside the city just after she arrives off the ship
16th - One Room Please... Kressha ventures to World's End Grotto to get a room and meets a half Dhani named Casper.
17th - Late Rise Kressha meets Faval again at World's End Grotto and they go to ride Rahhale
20th - Don't Wanna Work... Kressha goes looking for work and meets Leigo
Kressha is a Viper Dhani. She looks like a small weak human standing at 5'0" and is quite playful. Her speech is the only thing that hints really at what she is, but she is trying to learn to sound more human.

When she speaks, a double s (ss) means a [th] sound, that she cannot say.

A triple s (sss) means just an [s], but it is extended in her speech.

Thanks to Ssafirsotibones
for helping me with her speech
and letting me borrow his signature!
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