PC Plotnotes: Murmur

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PC Plotnotes: Murmur

Postby Murmur on July 31st, 2012, 6:47 pm

A glimpse into the life of a chaos soldier.

Real name: Deven Baroth
City of birth: Syliras
Grew up in: Ravok
Faction: Ebonstryfe

*Character diamond will be done sometime later.

Primary goals for Murmur:
  • Survive the Crucible
  • Travel to Syliras
  • Survive the Crucible
  • Learn of his Knight heritage.
  • Did I mention survive the Crucible?
  • Deal with the inevitable drama that would come from learning he was taken as a child from his father. (If he finds out, and if Atriso Baroth doesn't stab him in the mouth for "lying.")

It would be interesting to think someone would try to redeem him, especially since he would be marked by Rhysol (if he survives the Crucible, lmao). But nonetheless a cool prospect in the future.

IG short-term goals:
  • Get morphing to expert. (29/51)
  • Get daggers to expert. (24/51)
  • Get seduction to expert. (20/51)
  • Learn swordfighting.
  • Learn hypnotism.
  • Overgive overgive overgive.

More information will be added as I stop being lazy.
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