Songbirds sing for food (open)

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Not found on any map, Endrykas is a large migrating tent city wherein the horseclans of Cyphrus gather to trade and exchange information. [Lore]

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Songbirds sing for food (open)

Postby Tundris on August 20th, 2010, 8:12 pm

+3 Singing
+2 Dance
+1 Hypnosis
Concealing Wardrobe Adjustments into Dance Routines
Bizarre Introductions and Behaviours of Strangers
Singing With Friends

+2 Observation
+2 Interrogation
+1 Dance
+1 Storytelling
Making Judgments Based On First Appearances
Avoiding Responsibility To Let Loose
Giving Into Music's Hypnotic Power
Gaining Independence Unwillingly

+2 Storytelling
+1 Dance
+1 Singing
Dance As Stress Reduction
Defending One's Life Philosophies
Using Music To Bond With Friends

Notes: Fun thread! Thanks for the read, I liked Glayce's character a lot. I love how awkward she is!
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